Monday, October 30, 2006

Creative Halloween Costumes

Last week I complained about the popularity of slutty Halloween costumes, and how no one tries creative costumes anymore. If you have a Halloween party this week and you're still seaching for a costume, you're in luck, because New York Magazine just published a "How To Dress Like Suri Cruise and 32 Other Pop Culture Targets" guide in the recent issue. My personal favorite costume ideas are Naomi Campbell, Hugo Chavez, Truman Capote, Suri Cruise (a fantastic alternative to all those peapod costumes for babies, and a great date costume for adults), Jeffrey Sebelia and KFed and Britney (be as trashy as you like and you still fit the part).

I loved the idea of tainted spinach, but I would have used deflated green balloons glued to my clothes, with an Earthbound Farm logo on your chest.

They also suggested MySpace page, and one of the best costumes I ever saw was "The Facebook" where a girl connected two sandwichboards and wore them like a vest, decorating the front one with all the details of a Facebook profile, including her own picture and pictures of friends at the bottom.

I missed all the Halloween parties on campus this weekend when I was away in Maine, but I wanted to be "The Bride" from the Kill Bill films, complete wth a yellow and black tracksuit and plastic sword. I guess it'll have to wait until next year.

I do have the plastic sword though, and I'll be walking around campus tonight looking to decapitate anyone wearing a ho costume.

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