Sunday, October 15, 2006

Eyebrow Know-How- For the Ladies

Changing the shape of your eyebrows can dramatically change the look of your face. You want eyebrows that are a nice shape, natural but neat and pretty. If you have thick eyebrows or your natural eyebrows lack shape, you should go to a professional to get them waxed, as it'll be very time-consuming and difficult to achieve a good look on your own. Waxing is only slightly painful, and while it does cost more than plucking them yourself, you don't have to do anything between appointments and you don't have to worry about messing them up yourself. Just make sure you go to a spa or a very good salon that you trust, and explain to the person doing the waxing what you want.

If you do choose to pluck your eyebrows, here are some tips:

Make sure you have the right equipment: a good pair of tweezers is essential to good eyebrows. They will save you time and will hurt far less than cheaper brands. I like tweezers with a slanted head, and these are a good pair:
Tweezermans Slanted Tweezers

If you're sensitive to pain, hold a piece of ice up against your brow for a minute to numb the area.

Before you begin, take a toothbrush or brow brush and brush your brows upward so that you can see the shape better.

Then, take the brush and hold it upward, placing one end at the side of your nostril so that it forms a straight line up to the inner corner of your eye. With eyeliner, mark off this line, as this is where your brow should begin. Take the brush and move the top end to the outer corner of your eye, with the bottom still touching your nostril. This is where your brow should end. Mark it.

Sit near a window so that you can see well. Pull skin taut and begin plucking the hair between your brows. Then pluck all stray hairs below the desired eyebrow line. Remember to follow your natural shape, as this will be the most flattering

Whatever you do, do NOT try shaving your brows. You will have a 5-o'clock shadow and a lot of irritation in a very sensitive part of your face. It's generally a good idea to keep razors away from your eyes anyway. I also advise against home waxing, as it's very difficult to create a shape you want without taking off too much hair, plus it's painful. Leave waxing to a professional.

Once you've finished and have a shape you like, fill in any gaps with brow pencil or powder. This is especially helpful for women with blonde hair (like myself) who want to define their brows a bit more. Make sure you use a shade that matches your hair color and that you apply it with a light hand. Set your brows by brushing them with a brow brush or putting a little pomade on them. This will keep them in the shape you want all day. Here are a couple of products I like for defining and shaping brows: Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil and Smashbox Brow Tech.

Here are some examples of good and bad brows:

Kate Winslet: Fabulous shape, thickness and color. Arch is noticable but not too pronounced. Not too thick or thin for her face. Brows look totally natural.

Brooke Shields: Her thick eyebrows are her signiature feature. These would be too thick on a woman with smaller or more delicate features, but they work on her. If you want thicker brows with a less defined arch, be sure to keep them neat and in place with a brush and clear eyebrow gel or pomade.

Lonelygirl15: This is not an eyebrow shape found in nature. The arch is too high and too far to the side of her face though and the gap between her brows is WAY too large. This makes her nose look larger and her eyes too far apart.

Pamela Anderson: Overplucked mess. They look completely drawn in (or worse, tatooed in). The gap between the brows is a little large, but overall they aren't too bad as far as placement is concerned, they're just way too thin and shapeless.

No matter what you do, err on the side of thicker brows. If you overpluck too much, your hair won't grow back and you'll be stuck with two thin lines for eyebrows for the rest of your life.


Katharine said...

Kate Winslet??? Yow. That's a really, really bad example of Photoshop. Rule #1: if the person is an identifiable celebrity, please keep them identifiable. Look what they did to her jaw!

She does have great eyebrows, though.

Meg said...

I totally agree about the photoshopping. In the future I will try to get more "natural" pictures of celebrities. Unfortunately, this was my favorite picture of her eyebrows. She's gone through periods where her eyebrows were a little thin, or over-dyed, so I didn't want to show that.


Erika said...

I agree Meg, Pamela Anderson's brows are super scary!

Pam- step away from the Tweezerman's!

(Ni)mo.Ni said...

i love keira knightley's.

(Ni)mo.Ni said...

gosh, i posted about this exact same thing on my blog...great minds think alike

Anonymous said...

I have a rule, i dont trust women (im a guy) lol who have painted on eyebrows or super thin ones, and let me tell you its actually a pretty good judge on how superficial people are and how much they change for the worse when you get to know them.