Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Fall Fashion Trends: What Works- Plaid

Plaid is associated with Scottish people, punks, lumberjacks and grunge rockers. I am none of these things, but I love this season's plaid trend. Designers are using the pattern in unexpected styles and colors that are definitely worth trying out. Plaid is also one of the best patterns for fall and winter coats, since it looks great on thick wools and tweeds.

The key to pulling off plaid is to pair it with other solid colors and avoid mixing prints. Plaid is a very bold print, particularly when it's multi-colored, and it will dominate the outfit, so pair it with complimentary solid pieces. The exception to this is with scarves, because you generally only wear a scarf with a coat and you don't see the outfit underneath. So make sure you pair the plaid scarf with a solid-colored coat, gloves and hat, but you don't have to worry about it clashing with anything else.

Unless you want to look like a cowboy, stay away from plaid button-down shirts.

Also, avoid wearing anything plaid that's made out of polyester, or you'll look like you got your outfit at Hot Topic. Actually, I take that back. Avoid anything made out of polyester, no matter the color or print. It looks cheap and disco in a bad way.

Gap Cropped Plaid Jacket

Gap Plaid Mini Skirt

Coffee Shop Double Breasted Plaid Coat

Forever 21 Plaid Jacket

Albert Nipon Plaid Tweed Walker Coat

Banana Republic Plaid Scarf

Urban Outfitters Wide Plaid Headband

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