Sunday, October 22, 2006

Fall Fashion Trends: What Works- Wide-Leg Pants

Volume is one of the big trends for fall, but too often, women who attempt this style end up looking like a deflated balloon, as Kate Beckinsale shows us here:

The key is to use the volume to your advantage, so your clothes still retain a sleek, body-conscious line. One of the best ways to make this trend work for you is with wide-leg trousers. They hide any extra weight in your hips and thighs while making your legs look long and your waist thin by comparison. These pants instantly make an outfit look more expensive and put-together. They also evoke a 1940's era American elegance that is both timeless and refreshing.

It's important to remember to offset the volume by wearing a fitted top, and these pants look great with sweaters, button-down shirts and even basic t-shirts, for a more relaxed look.

You want a pair that sits on your hips, isn't too baggy around your upper thighs and butt and doesn't have large front pockets. And if you can, try to find a pair with a crease. This will minimize your hips and make you look longer and leaner.

Make sure that the pants aren't too flared, or you'll look clownish. It's also very important that they are long enough so that they almost touch the ground when you wear heels, but aren't dragging if you decide to wear flats. If your pants are too short, you won't get that slimming effect, and if they're too long they'll look sloppy.

Here are some great pairs for under $100:

Wardrobe Wide-Leg Stretch Denim Pants

Frenchi Wide-Leg Trousers

Max Studio Broadcloth Wide-Leg Trousers

Max Studio Petite Black Linen Stretch Pants

Forever 21 Mahoni Trouser

And because I just couldn't help it, here are a few pairs that are way out of my price range:

Marc by Marc Jacobs Wide Leg Pants

Marc by Marc Jacobs Sateen Tuxedo Pants

Diane von Furstenberg 'Kathlene' Wide Leg Pants

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