Friday, October 27, 2006

Makeup Tutorial Videos

Most women simply don't know how to apply makeup. And why should they? Makeup doesn't come with instructions. Going to a cosmetics counter and requesting that they teach you to apply the makeup you're purchasing helps, but this can be uncomfortable. Makeup artist Elke Von Freudenberg has five videos on YouTube that are really helpful. They cover:

Applying primer

Applying foundation

Applying concealer

Removing oil

Applying powder

Elke doesn't just make it look simple, she gives you the fool-proof tips to recreate the look on your own. Hopefully she will come out with a few videos on applying eye and lip makeup, because 95% of makeup crimes are committed in these areas.


Anonymous said...

Okay, it's a bad sign when I read your post that the first thing I thought was "Primer?"

How about a list of essential products, in order of application, for a clueless someone hoping to look their best for a special occasion?

Meg said...

Good suggestion. I'll try to do a post about that in the next week.