Tuesday, October 24, 2006

No Such Thing As "A Healthy Tan"

Kristen over at Beauty Addict had a great post today about the new American Academy of Dermatology report on the link between indoor tanning and skin cancer.

It amazes me how so many women (and men) knowingly put themselves at risk for cancer when there are so many safer alternatives. Beauty Addict recommended a few of her favorites, but you can read thousands of reviews of self-tanners here.

If you are simply vain and willing to accept the risks of indoor tanning because you think your skin looks better dark, consider that 90% of the symptons of premature aging (mainly wrinkles) are caused by the sun. You may think you look good now, but you don't want to look like this when you're older:

I tried to find a picture of a female celebrity who had aged poorly, but unfortunately, they've all had a ton of plastic surgery to cover it up. But even with the plastic surgery, you can still see the poor quality of many women's skin, such as Victoria Beckham here:

After years of spending full summers outside (I swam competitively for 12 years and lived at the pool) I've jumped on the sunscreen bandwagon and now wear sunscreen with a high SPF every single day, summer or winter, rain or shine. My skin looks much healthier overall and I've grown to like my paleness. And hey, if Nicole Kidman can pull it off, why can't I?

My personal favorites are Shiseido Ultimate Sun Protection Face Cream
and Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock with Helioplex. You can read more reviews of sunscreens here .

I've seen far too many pretty girls in their 20's with the leathery skin of 45 year olds, and that's enough motivation for me to slather on the SPF every morning. Oh yeah, and there's that melanoma thing too...


Ally said...

SPF 50 is my babydaddy. Rachel Zoe looks like ASS. She's got a serious case of Too Much Tanning Bed-osis. ICK!

Anonymous said...

Any SPF over 30 isn't really much different. 50 will not protect you more than 30.

There is a safe way to tan. Try one of the self-tanners out there. But make sure you put on a sunscreen as these things won't protect you from the sun.

Incidentally, we've moved our blog. Check out the new Beauty Brains at http://thebeautybrains.com

Left Brain

Meg said...

Thanks for the correction Beauty Brains!