Wednesday, October 11, 2006

What Not to Wear- Job Interview Edition - Part II - Men's Accessories and Grooming

Yesterday I introduced the importance of personal appearance for a job interview and discussed men's suits. Today's post will discuss men's accessories and grooming.

Tips for Accessorizing:

Wear dress shoes that lace up and a leather belt that both match the color of the suit. Loafers are NOT acceptable (which is pretty sad, actually, as they are very comfortable).

Wear dark dress socks that won't show your ankles if you cross your legs.

Pocket squares are stylish, but they're a little showy for an interview, unless you're Michael Irvin.

Bring a briefcase or leather portfolio that has your resume, any additional paperwork they might want (such as a transcript or letter of recommendation), a pen and a pad of paper to jot down any important notes before or after the interview or to write down someone's contact information. Staples has a number of inexpensive options.

It's not a bad idea to carry a handkerchief in your pocket in case you have to sneeze or you have a runny nose.

Don't wear jewelry, except for a wedding ring or watch (a silver or gold band is preferable, but a leather band works too). Anything flashy will distract, so leave the bling at home.

P. Diddy looks fantastic, but that ring could blind someone.

Grooming Tips:

Make sure your hair has been cut recently and don't forget to shave the morning of the interview.

Avoid cologne or any strongly scented lotions or hair products, as many people are allergic.

Bring breath mints or mouthwash strips and use one 10-15 minutes before your interview begins. You don't want to overwhelm someone with mint when you open your mouth. I love Listerine PocketPaks because they don't make noise like a lot of mints and you don't have to chew them.

Make sure your nails are trimmed and your hands are clean and soft, but don't put on lotion right before you go in, as no one wants a slimy handshake.

Tomorrow I'll have a post about women's business attire, so be sure to check back!

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