Monday, November 27, 2006

Boot Guide: Part 1

I think that there are two kinds of people in this world, those who love boots and those who wish they could. I have to confess, I am of the second variety. As much as I love shoes, I'm not a huge boot fan. In fact, I've only bought one pair of boots in my life and I hardly wear them because they give me blisters. Plus, boots are just so expensive, they're the kind of investment piece that requires research, you have to make sure they fit well and look good and are versatile to justify the price.

But, because boots are huge this season, and because I'm going to try to make my current pair work for me (hello, Dr. Scholl's!), I'm devoting the next couple of posts to boots, which pairs work for what occasions, and which pairs you should always avoid. Today I'm going to talk about boot style that work for everyone.

Note that all of the following refer to are knee-high. I'll discuss other styles (ankle, thigh-high, mid-calf) tomorrow.

Stacked Heel Boots: This style is classic, flattering on all body shapes, and works just as well with jeans as with a dressier skirt (just don't go too formal with these). The stacked heel is sturdy and will keep you from wobbling. Here is a great pair from Sudini and two very cute and very affordable pairs from Naturalizer here and here.

Flat Boots: Boots with flat or very short heels are definitely the sturdiest and most comfortable, and are great if you're going to be on your feet a lot. Just be aware that they look the most casual, though they look fantastic with tucked-in jeans. Here is a very stylish pair from Franco Sarto and this is a super functional, waterproof boot from Me Too.

Pointy-toed Boots: This style is definitely the sexiest and looks best with skirts (just make sure you don't pair them with a miniskirt unless you're wearing thick tights). They're appropriate for work if your office dress code is "creative business casual" and are perfect for a night on the town. Just be careful with a thinner heel, as you your ankle and foot will have less support. Here is a gorgeous Stuart Weitzman pair, a very sleek Via Spiga boot and a Nordstrom pair with a super cute kitten heel.

Platform and Wedge Boots: Platform and wedge heels have a fun, funky 70's vibe, but a lot of this season's pairs still look very modern. If you want height but want the comfort and stability of flat boots, try a platform or wedge style. They're on the casual side (not work appropriate), but they're stylish enough to wear going out. If you want a very high heel, try these platform boots from Michael by Michael Kors. If you want something funky, try these Steve Madden wedges with slouchy leather detail. And if you're looking for something practical but still stylish, try these Steve Madden boots.

Rain Boots: Just because the weather is awful doesn't mean you can't still look chic. If you like prints, check out these Jeffrey Cambell wellies. For boots that will keep you dry in rain, sleet or snow, try this pair from Steve Madden. And if you're the kind of fashionista who doesn't want people to know you're wearing rain boots, try these super cute boots from Tretorn.

Today you've seen the good; check back tomorrow for the bad and even downright ugly, as I cover the styles that are unflattering on everyone (as you might guess, Uggs make an appearance).

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