Tuesday, November 21, 2006

The Cure for "Ooh, I need that!"

I'm generally a very picky person, and clothes and accessories are no exception. I'll look at a pair of super cute shoes, decide they'd be perfect if they were just an inch shorter, in black instead of brown and with a pointier toe, but I'm not willing to cave on something I don't love, so I walk away. But I keep the image of my fantasy shoe in my head and every time I'm browsing shoe sites or walking through Nordstrom, I keep a look out for the pair. I haven't found them yet, but who knows?

So I was really excited to come across Like.com. It has a search engine that searches jewelry, handbags, shoes and watches based on visual qualities, and it's amazingly accurate. Plus, it's super fun to play with.

If you are dying for that hot new Marc Jacobs bag but realize that your price range is more Nine West, you just look up that bag and ask the site to find other bags that look the same. But you can adjust which aspects (like the color, size and pattern) are most important, so if you suddenly decide you want a bag that looks just like the Marc Jacobs bag but comes in purple, the site will find it for you (assuming it exists). How cool is that?

Also, they have an archive of celebrities, so if you see a picture of Scarlett Johansson and want earrings just like hers, you can search for her and they'll come up. But beware, they also feature celebrities with terrible fashion sense, like Fergie, Paris Hilton and the Olsen Twins. Stay away from them!

I always love those "The Look For Less" features in magazines, and this is basically that on a huge scale. They don't have clothing up yet (I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they'll have it eventually), but for now, I'm having fun indulging in my search for my dream shoes.

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