Monday, November 06, 2006

New Feature

I've really enjoyed writing this blog and I have no intention of stopping anytime soon, but I've made some changes as of late that I hope will improve the blog and your experience reading it.

I'm trying to make Faking Good Breeding an INTERACTIVE blog. I love it that people comment, but I'd like to make the site more entertaining and useful, so that I'm not just blabbing on about what comes up in my life. There's a link to my e-mail address on the right sidebar, and I'm hoping that people will use it to send me fashion/style/etiquette/anything questions or ideas for posts. Let me know what information you're ok with me posting and though I can't promise I'll get to everything, I'll try to answer as many questions that I think other people may share or just things that seem fun to talk about. Oh, and don't send me anything stupid or hate mail (yes hippie woman who lectured me about the gender politics of leg shaving, I'm talking to you!), I'll just ignore it.

So, let the games begin!

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