Friday, November 03, 2006

When Trends Go Bad

As you may have noticed, I'm not a huge follower of fashion trends. I like to buy clothes that are flattering and will look good for a long time, and if there's a trend I'm dying to have, I go to H&M or Forever 21 and pay $20 for something I'll wear 5 times. If you absolutely love having the latest and greatest, I respect you, but I want to show the following picture as a warning.

I have counted 8 current fashion trends in this picture, and poor Zooey Deschanel manages to mangle almost every one. I'm going to break down what she did wrong, and how you can avoid a similar fate.

Starting from the top:

The headband: There are tons of cute, cheap headbands out there, but you want to avoid one that is too little girl cutesy, even if it's meant to be ironic. A headband can really bring a look together and lets you do a lot of cool things with your hair, but stay away from ones with big, floppy red bows. This one and this one are much better options.

The hair: Bangs are big this season, but you have to be careful about two things. First, if you have very thick hair like Zooey's, you might want to stay away from bangs, because thick bangs and big hair will distract from your face. Second, if you do have bangs, get them trimmed regularly. Didn't her mother ever yell at her to keep her hair out of her eyes?

The shirt: Red and blue stripes seem to be everywhere, and I like them, especially on t-shirts. But Zooey's shirt is more "pirate wench" than "hip actress". Because it's baggy, off the shoulder and long, it looks particularly sloppy, and does nothing for her lovely figure. If you like striped shirts, try to find one that is 100% cotton and fairly fitted, like this one.

The purse: Slouchy hobo bags are great because of their versatility and practicality (you can wear them on your shoulder, they're usually pretty roomy), but this one appears to have been attacked by a bedazzler. There's already a lot going on in this outfit, so the detail-heavy bag only detracts and makes it all look messier. Find a purse with a little less "stuff" on it, like this or this.

The belt: This belt isn't awful on its own. But the weaving and leather detail have the same effect as the beaded purse: it's just too much. I would have chosen a belt like this. It's also important to remember to wear these wide belts closer to your natural waist and not your hips, so that you draw attention to the thinnest part of your body, and not the thickest (well, for me at least).

The skirt and tights: I like the combination of a denim miniskirt and opaque tights, but this skirt has a couple of issues. First, we can only see about an inch of it, and the color is so similar to the tights it's easy to forget it's there. Another thing to remember is that on normal women, there's a general rule that the shorter your skirt is, the wider you look (this is referring to anything above the knee). The reason is that the skirt hem will draw the eye to whichever part of the leg it hits, so if it's higher, people will notice the thicker part of your thighs, which is why it's ideal to wear skirts between 1-4 inches above the knee. If you're a supermodel and every part of your thigh is perfect, this does not apply to you.

The boots: Except for the strange green color (green leather? not appealing), these boots are fine. High boots like these make your legs look longer and are great when paired with skirts during the fall and winter.

One final note: trends are fun to play with, but you don't want to go overboard with them, like Ms. Deschanel does here, or you come off as trying too hard. Remember that trends are defined by their short lifespan, so spend your money wisely by investing in pieces that will last a long time and hit up the discount stores for trendier pieces.


Tinni said...

Somehow she kinda looks like Minnie Mouse.... or a mouseketeer.

Meg said...

Wow tinni, that is so right on!


espresso said...

but still SHE is cute!