Friday, November 24, 2006

Wrapping Paper For Every Style

While my mother will probably find this statement sacreligious, I really hate wrapping paper that screams "CHRISTMAS." You know, the kind that's in your face with red and green and sparkles and Santa and all that, it's just cliched. Instead I prefer papers that are so pretty and interesting that people don't want to unwrap it to see what's inside (and this will happen with the right paper, I guarantee it).

So here are a few wrapping papers that are sure to impress anyone on your holiday gift list:

You can find a few more great designs here, here and here.

If you're completely inept when it comes to wrapping gifts (is it sad that I still ask my Mom for help?), check out this guide from eHow and if you're more ambitious and want to create an unforgettable wrapping, you can read Martha Stewart's articles on wrapping here.

Although wrapping paper is often just an obstacle between us and presents, with enough thought it can make any gift more stylish and thoughtful. Check out the the giftwrap I've mentioned, and feel free to comment if you find any other cool styles.

Also, thanks to the anonymous commenter who gave me the idea for this post. I always appreciate ideas or suggestions from readers, so send comments and e-mails!

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