Friday, December 01, 2006

Best Everyday Lipgloss

Last month I did a post on Stila Lip Rouge, a product that stains your lip the deepest, most beautful bright red. I've had a lot of fun wearing it around, but it's simply too dramatic for daytime and casual outings. As I discussed in the previous post, I hate lipstick; it never lasts, tends to dry out my lips and rubs off on my teeth, so I was looking for a new lip product that would give me the same red lips look I love, but would be sheer enough for any occasion.

A couple of weeks ago, I was given a free tube of Lancome's Juicy Tubes Smoothie Lip Gloss in Creamsicle. It's a very pale pinky peach color, goes on the lips smoothly and is very moisturizing. It has no sparkle (I hate sparkle in a lip color) but is very, very shiny. The best part though is that it actually smells tastes like a real creamsicle! It's subtle (you won't be tempted to eat it or anything), but it's definitely present. One of my biggest pet peeves about lip gloss is that they are often sticky and don't have much staying power, but I found that the Juicy Tube held up for many hours against my nervous habit of rubbing my lips together.

I loved wearing it, but I after I was photographed wearing it, I realized that the color was just not right for my skin tone. As I've said before, I'm pale (my foundation and concealer is always "porcelain", a nicer way of saying "ghost pale") and have light blonde hair, and the color was so light that it washed me out. I ended up giving it to my mom, who has slightly darker coloring and hair, and she also loves it. If you aren't super pale like me or are going for a nude lip look, you should definitely check it out.

But since I gave it away, I'd missed my Juicy Tube, and decided to go back to the Lancome counter and get it in a better color. I was playing around with pink and berry tones, but like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to this beautiful, bright cherry color. It looked SO bright in the tube, but when I tried it on, it was pretty without being overpowering. It's not a pure red (which is a little too intense for me), it looks pinkish-cherry in certain light, which stains your lips for a few hours after the gloss itself wears off. It also tastes and smells like sweet cherries. Mmmm...

Because it's a gloss, it's easy to layer, but even if you really slather it on, it's still wearable for daytime. It's perfect for my new French minimalist makeup look- tinted moisturizer and powder for flawless skin, eyelash curler and a swipe of lengthening mascara on the eyes, a subtle pink powder on the cheeks and shiny, red lips. Maybe French women don't actually look like this, but it's what I imagine they wear.

If you have pale skin, you should definitely stop by a Lancome counter to try it out. When I got back from purchasing the new color (and kept finding excuses to walk by mirrors to check out my lips), I was flipping through the new issue of Lucky magazine and saw that it was mentioned as being a perfect shade of red lipcolor for light skin tones. The Juicy Tube line has also won a lot of awards from beauty sites and magazines, so don't just take my word for it.

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