Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Gifts for Guys, Part 1 (Video Games)

I've been constructing different gift guides based on varied interests, but I realized that I didn't have enough ideas for gifts for men. I decided it would be best to bring an expert in, so today's post was written by my boyfriend, Andrew. If this goes well, I'll consider promoting him to the position of occasional guest poster.

Trying to find great gifts for women can be an exercise in frustration- aside from the usual suspects like gift cards and books/movies/music, we guys are often at a complete loss when it comes to finding a nice, thoughtful gift. On the other hand, guys are simple- when it comes down to it, 98% of guys love one of the following two things: video games and sports. So, to find a great gift, all you have to know are some items in those areas that are hot right now. Today I'll tackle video games, and tomorrow I'll talk about sports-related gifts and what to do if your intended recipient doesn't like either video games or sports (inconceivable!).

Video Games

Expensive and Hard to Find: What are the hottest products in video games right now? Well, clearly the Playstation 3 ($499-599) and the Nintendo Wii ($249, but selling on eBay now for up to $400-500), both of which are out of stock virtually everywhere right now. The PS3 will almost definitely be impossible to get through the holiday season (and likely well into 2007), but there is a good chance that Wiis will be available at retail in time for a Christmas gift. This is an expensive item, but if you're considering a gift in this price range, it's really almost impossible to go wrong with this hot system.

Mid-Priced Gifts: For a good gift in the $40-60 range, try getting a highly-reviewed game for the system the recipient owns in a genre they like. Head over to Gamespot's Reviews Section and try to find games with ratings of at least 8 or higher. Amazon's Video Game Section has a great selection of games. Make sure the game you're buying is for the right system, and surreptitiously check to make sure that the recipient doesn't already own the game. Warning: your significant other may be suspicious of your sudden interest in video games.

Budget Gifts: These kinds of gifts vary by system, but there are a lot of desirable items you can get in the $10-20 range. For a Wii owner, look into a Wii Points Card, which can be used to buy classic games for the Wii online. For an XBox 360 owner, consider a Xbox 360 Live 3 Month Gold Card, which can be used to extend an XBox Live membership by 3 months. There are similar budget items that are worth considering for other systems, most of which will be appreciated by most people who own the system.

Anyway, tomorrow I'll talk more about gifts for the sports-junkie, and some other excellent guy gifts. Feel free to post comments and questions- I'd be glad to provide some more specific advice.

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