Friday, December 22, 2006

Weekly Best Dressed Award- Gwen Stefani

Whether you like her style or not, Gwen Stefani is definitely a woman who has a unique personal style. She sets the trends, never following them. She definitely never dresses like anyone else, and you have to admire that, even if she sometimes chooses outfits that fall into the category of "kooky". Over the years, her style has evolved as she's grown older, but now that she's a mother and a successful businesswoman, she hasn't lost an ounce of rock star presence.

I'm not sure exactly where this picture was taken, but I think Gwen looks absolutely amazing. Her teased hair pulled back into a chignon is chic but still edgy, and her makeup is perfect. Her signature makeup style- bright red lips, flawless skin, well-defined brows and killer lashes, is perfect for special occasions, but Gwen is just so fabulous that she can pull it off anytime. If you want to recreate her makeup look, check out my previous reviews of Stila Lip Rouge and Lancome's Juicy Tubes Lipgloss. Keep the rest of your makeup minimal (except for some thickening/lengthening mascara, or if you really want to dress up, a pair of fake eyelashes) and you'll look incredible. Just remember though, you've got to wear this look with confidence, so if you don't have it, fake it!

On to her outfit... I wish I had a full-length picture of her, but I thought that her coat and accessories were so cool that it wasn't even necessary to know what's going on from the waist down. I think it's pretty obvious, but this coat is amazing. The black leopard print looks young and fresh (as so many animal prints fail to do) and the stark black/white contrast goes well with her dramatic hair and makeup.The 3/4 sleeves are very trendy this season, and dress up the coat. The semi-popped collar and v-neck draw attention to her face, and the leather belt gives her curves and shows off her waist.

Despite its dramatic print, this coat is actually very wearable. The key is to pair it with solids and not let other aspects of the outfit compete with the coat for attention.

Whenever I do a post about a celebrity's outfit, I like to link to inexpensive look-alike pieces. In this case, I spent a very long time searching for similar coats, but was only able to find two... at outrageous prices. The first is a to-die-for leopard print coat from Blumarine with feminine details like puff sleeves and 3/4 length sleeves...all for the reasonable price of $1,275. The second is from J. Crew and is almost twice as expensive, though in my opinion it lacks the charm and originality of the Blumarine coat.

This look also works very well with solid colored coats, though you do lose some of the drama of the crazy print. This Tulle coat is very affordable (<$100) and comes in a bright blue, with extra-large buttons and pockets. A classic double breasted coat in bright red, like this one would look modern and trendy with an extra-wide black belt and funky accessories. Also, this reasonably priced J.Crew coat comes in deep green and aubergine, with a universally flattering silhouette.

Finally, Gwen smartly keeps her accessories to a minimum, with stud earrings, a funky cuff bracelet and a gold chain necklace. But with a more basic solid coat, accessories are key for individualizing the outfit, just don't let your accessories and makeup/hair compete.

Be sure to check back next week for the best dressed celeb of the week! If you have any nominations, send a picture to and I'll post my favorite of the bunch.

Edit: I have been able to track down Gwen's coat, you can find it for $385 at Nordstrom.

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