Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Rant- Britney Spears's Post-KFed Fashion and Beauty Choices

I don't know if it was hooking up with backup dancer turned pro wrestler Kevin Federline, firing all her stylists, pregnancy, rebelling against the expectations that pop stars and actresses be stick-thin and look perfect at all time, or just an inherent trashiness that made Britney Spears go from being the hottest singer in the world to this mess:

It seems like every outfit she wore for the last couple of years included an exposed thong, Cheeto-stained, too-tight clothes and very dirty hair. Though I've never been much of a Britney fan, she was looking pretty pathetic, and I felt bad for her. So, like every other person on earth, I was happy to hear that Britney Spears filed for divorce. She was getting such bad press, it seemed like by the age of 25 her whole career was over. Breaking up with uber-loser Kevin Federline seemed like a great opportunity for her to get her image and singing career back on track.

Within a day or two of announcing her divorce, she was photographed all over New York with a new blonde bob (looked a little wig-like to me, but definitely a step forward) and a very chic and modest, if a bit tight around the hips, black dress. The belt is very stylish and gives her more of an hourglass shape, and the boat neck and knee length show off her post-baby weight loss in a sexy, but not over the top way. You go Britney!

Unfortunately, after a good start, Britney has fallen back into her old ways. She's fired her stylists and publicist, and the results speak for themselves.

First, it was the hair extensions. Granted, the majority of women in Hollywood have extensions, but they also have their hairstylist style their hair in such a way as to hide the part where the fake hair is glued and then fused to their real hair. Exposing your extensions is like advertising that your breasts are fake- there's an unspoken rule that dictates that you pretend you're 100% real. On top of this, they're just ugly, cheap looking extensions; her hair looks stringy, the color washes her out and you can see each individual extension.

Then she started hanging out Paris Hilton, who by comparison, looks modern, put-together and sophisticated. Perhaps Paris decided that she wanted to makeover her own image, and found the one person who would make her seem classy by comparison. But who am I to speculate about the inner workings of Paris's mind.

Britney's dress (if you can call it that) appears to be the world's sluttiest ice skating costume, and it does nothing for her figure. Her breasts look squished and droopy, the too-tight fabric makes her waist look wider and the dropped waist and itty-bitty length of the skirt thicken her hips and legs. I was going to write that she would look much better in pants, but then I came across this picture:

If she got rid of the tie and the fabric was different and not so skin-tight, this outfit would be pretty good.

I don't mean to totally trash Britney. As I said, I think it's fantastic that she ditched her worthless husband and that she's trying to get back in the game. No one should be a has-been at the age of 24. But unfortunately, she's completely going about this the wrong way.

If you've recently lost weight and feel great about your body, you should show it off, but wearing skimpy clothing doesn't make you look better. As Britney shows, unless you have a perfect body, tight fabrics and no coverage tend to highlight your flaws.

The most beautiful women in the world know that nobody can look good when they're partying non-stop. When you're drinking a lot and not getting enough sleep, you look old and tired, your skin and hair look bad, and you tend to just look like a mess. On top of this, you're not as focused on your career (the NY Post reported that Britney's skipped out on recording sessions), and you get to be known as just a party girl and not a legitimate artist/actress (just look at the fall of Lindsay Lohan as a prime example).

Everyone keeps talking about how "Britney's back!", but I think it'll take some major lifestyle changes for her to accomplish that. And hiring a stylist, publicist, personal hairstylists and makeup artists, an entourage with the sole purpose of helping her look fabulous at all times would certainly help her hold her own next to Hollywood's hottest women. I'd like to see her succeed, but it's obvious that someone needs to be there to protect her from herself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks sweetie I LOVE this article

Christina H. said...

Ugh...those hair extensions look terrible! I'd never seen it from the back, but I remember they were pretty unsightly from even just the front.

Meg said...

Thanks, Anonymous!

Christina, I totally agree, I didn't think they were so bad until I came across a picture of her from the back. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

You need a HOBBY...or maybe just study more. Aren't you paying huge sums of money to go to COLLEGE, not watch EW and rave on about what people wore? YOU're no fashion prize!