Sunday, December 10, 2006

Weekly Best Dressed Award- Marcia Cross

I've realized that I often trash celebrities and their poor fashion sense, and while I try to show why their look doesn't work and how it could be improved, I feel bad for being so negative. It also seems hypocritical of me, as a woman who resents the constant scrutiny of female celebrities based on superficial things like their weight, looks and fashion choices when they're just walking the dog.

So I've decided to add a new weekly (or semi-weekly, depending on the selection) post on a female celebrity who looks fantastic, and break down what she (or let's be honest, her stylists) did to flatter her body and make the most of her features. Then I'll try to find a similar outfit for reasonable price.

This week's featured celebrity is Marcia Cross, who, despite being very pregnant, looked absolutely fabulous recently.

Sure, Marcia Cross is beautiful, but it takes real skill to look as stunning during pregnancy. This outfit draws attention to all the right things: the v-neck and empire waist show off her fuller chest and adds a little sex appeal, the tighter fit of the skirt highlights her belly (a far better option than wearing a tent dress when you're showing) and the knee-length skirt shows off her shapely calves.

And, being pregnant, she's been able to hide areas of her body that she might not want to show off: the 3/4 sleeves hide upper arms, the flirty hem of the skirt draws keeps the skirt from being fitted to the thighs, and the jersey fabric and dark purple color is very slimming (it also compliments her skin and hair beautifully). She also hits the accessories right, going minimalist with a long, delicate necklace (also draws attention to her cleavage in a subtle way) and strappy gold sandals.

This look would look great on any woman, pregnant or not, because it's so effective in flattering certain body parts and hiding others. It's also a look that's very simple to replicate, and is easy to dress up or down.

You can find three similar, beautiful (and reasonably priced) dresses here, here and here. Also, here are some great strappy gold shoes from Ralph Lauren and BCBGirls that capture the look well.


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