Saturday, December 30, 2006

Weekly Best Dressed Award- Tara Reid

Yes, you read that title right. Party girl extraordinaire (or trashy drunk, if you really want to be honest) Tara Reid has done just about everything in her power over the last few years to destroy her reputation as a pretty, up-and-coming young actress. Her first and last great role was as Bunny Lebowski, in one of my all time favorite films, The Big Lebowski (if you haven't seen it, rent it, it's strange and wonderful and you'll laugh all night).

But since then, she's been better known for a highly publicized "wardrobe malfunction", in which she, um, didn't notice that the left strap of her evening gown fell off, exposing one of her recently implanted breasts. How convenient! This was only the first of many unfortunate pictures, the majority of which featured a stumbling, highly intoxicated Tara wearing next to nothing, accessorized with a bottle of booze. If you thought that Britney invented the "left my panties at home" attention-getting strategy, you were wrong.

Then, earlier this year, complications from a botched boob job/liposuction (perhaps they were having a 2-for-1 sale at the plastic surgeon's?) landed Tara on the cover of US Weekly for a tell-all interview.

So Tara doesn't have the greatest track record when it comes to celebrity classiness. But recently she has had quite a turnaround, such as when she appeared in November at the premiere of The Fountain in this drop-dead gorgeous outfit:

Whoa, where has this been all these years? Tara looks young, healthy and gorgeous (not to mention sober and well-rested!). I absolutely love the hair and makeup, which is glamorous but not stuffy or over-done and the dress is a classic little black number with pretty beaded details.

I saw this photo and was happy, but I remained skeptical. Was this a fluke? Had the fairy godmother of Hollywood fashionistas taken pity on poor Tara and granted her one night of beauty and class? I was anxiously awaiting a follow-up photo.

A couple of weeks ago, that photo came.

She looks just as happy and healthy from the back:

Everyone loves a good comeback story, but I'm wary about proclaiming that Tara's sincerely turned a new leaf. I think she'll need to avoid any photographed inebriation for a good 6 months if we're to truly believe she's given up her "every hour is a happy hour" ways. But let this be a lesson for our dear friend Britney: if it can happen to Tara, it could happen to you.

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