Thursday, January 18, 2007

Bright Colors For The New Year: Part 1

I don't think I'm the only one who was disappointed by the color choices of gowns at the Golden Globes. If this means that white, gray, silver and gold are the new "in" colors, please shoot me now. I'm in no way against white t-shirts, silver jewelry and gold shoes... these are staples of my closet. But I think these colors are best in small quantities: white and gray, because they're so boring and unflattering to most complexions (especially pale girls like me), and gold and silver because it's easy to go a little overboard, and they aren't the most versatile colors (you can't wear them to work, they really only look good on dresses and accessories).

In protest of this trend, I'm posting some of my favorite brightly colored clothes. Although it's certainly much warmer than usual, New England is still pretty bare in the winter, and I've found that wearing a splash of bright color is just what I need to get out of the January slump and into a more vibrant mood. Today's post will feature solid colored pieces, and tomorrow I'll highlight some of my favorite brightly colored prints, so be sure to check back!

These three dresses are super flattering, as the empire waist draws attention to the bust and hides hips and thighs, and the stretchy fabric is forgiving AND incredibly comfortable. Just don't forget the Spanx and a good bra, as this fabric is going to show panty and bra lines.

This top is so pretty, and the color just screams summer. Also very accommodating to a more full-figured body, as the bow cinches your waist at it's smallest part.

I love feminine tops like this, but to keep it from looking a little too "Little Bo Peep", I would pair it with sleek, simple accessories, like a pair of dark wash boot cut jeans and some white pumps or gold strappy sandals.

The draping gives enough room for larger busts, with no worry about falling out of the top.

This is great for pear shapes and women with a smaller chest who don't need as much support.

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