Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Golden Globes 2007 Best and Worst Dressed List

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Are the Golden Globes NOT the three most boring hours of prime time television in the year? Awards shows are notoriously long and tedious, but at least the Oscars and the Tony's and the Grammy's have hosts and musical performances to keep the energy level up. The people behind the Golden Globes were so lazy that they didn't even bother asking every presenter to make a joke or introduce the category with a few thoughtful words. Most of them just walked to the podium (slowly, of course, so that we could eye the gowns) and jumped right into naming the nominees.

The only legitimately entertaining moment came early in the show, when Justin Timberlake announced that Prince was the winner of the second award of the night, best original song from a motion picture. Everyone clapped and the camera panned the crowd as they anxiously waited for Prince, or at least one of his handlers, to come and accept the award. But no one was there. The anxiety was palpable, as dead air is the worst thing that could happen to an awards show, especially 10 minutes in. Then JT squatted down and in a fairly good Prince impression, accepted the award for "The Artist" and the tension broke as everyone laughed. The best part was that you knew that this whole 40 second near-catastrophe was probably caused because Prince had to adjust his eyeliner in the limo. Hugh Laurie and Sacha Baron Cohen also had pretty amusing acceptance speeches about 2 and a half hours later, but by that time I was nearly comatose from boredom.

It's like they're trying to play a sick joke on viewers, who they know will tune in to watch paint dry as long as they can see a few shots Brangelina holding hands and the occasional Bjork-esque fashion disaster. But I watched with greater purpose, knowing that I wanted to do a best and worst dressed list in today's post. So, without further ado, I present you with Faking Good Breeding's first annual Golden Globes Best and Worst Dressed List.


While I'm disappointed that she wasn't recognized for her work in Volver, I'm glad to see that Penelople Cruz totally rocked a dress that was unlike any other on the red carpet. I love the soft, romantic layers of this Spanish-inspired Chanel gown, and it's incredibly flattering on Penelope's body. The deep scoop neck with ruffled bust keeps the dress from looking heavy and overpowering her slight frame, while the belt adds visual interest and shows off her tiny waist. Though there were a lot of huge skirts on the red carpet, this one is large and glamorous without being over the top. And as usual, her hair, skin and makeup are all flawless.

I've searched all over for a better picture of Helen Mirren but have been unsuccessful, so this will have to do for now. In my opinion, Helen was by far the best dressed woman last night. She radiated beauty, glamor and class, leaving actresses one third her age struggling for attention in her wake. Though this picture doesn't do it justice, this dress looked incredible on her body. While most older women choose matronly gowns, Helen picked a dress that could have just as easily worked on a much younger actress, daring to show some cleavage in a deep v-neck. The blue color looked beautiful with her skin and hair (which looked great from the back, in a modern, messy bun), and the gigantic blue sapphire pendant was the perfect accessory. Best of all, it was clear that she felt confident and sexy in her own skin, which is the most attractive feature anyone can have.

Deep purple is one of my favorite colors, and I think it looks fabulous on Sheryl Crow here. This strapless gown is pretty and sophisticated, but the floral detail at the bust keeps it interesting. The Grecian-inspired drapery is gorgeous and extremely flattering, minimizing hips and highlighting her waist and long legs. I like that she shows off her toned shoulders and arms but keeps the rest of the look modest, and I love her simple curled blonde hair. She looks strong, healthy and happy.

Angelina Jolie looked stunning in this charcoal gray strapless gown by St. John. Although many actresses wore flowy gowns, I thought that this one draped the most beautifully, and she looked graceful, elegant and understated. The color was one you don't often see in formal wear, but it looked great with her hair and skin tone. And of course, when you've got Brad Pitt on your arm, who needs accessories? Angelina smartly kept it simple with a gold pendant necklace and hair pulled into a bun.

Ali Larter was one of many starlets wearing white last night, but she was the only one who looked incredible. This sleek, simple gown drapes beautifully on her body and the daring low cut of the top flatters and feminizes her athletic build. The off-white color goes well with her tan skin and blonde hair (a difficult feat, as Kate Winslet, Cameron Diaz and others have shown) and while the dress is beautiful, the actress wearing it is clearly the star of the show.


Three words: Trying. Too. Hard. You can just hear Beyonce thinking to herself, "I WILL NOT LET JENNIFER HUDSON OVERSHADOW ME! I AM THE STAR OF DREAMGIRLS! And if she's a better actor and singer than I am in the film, I will be 50 TIMES hotter than she'll ever be! I'M HOT, DAMMIT!"

This dress is going to be trashed by every magazine, blog and fashion commentator in the universe, so I really don't have much to add, except to say this: Cameron, we've all been dumped before... breaking up is really difficult, especially when you're famous and your boyfriend is Justin Timberlake, who may or may not have left you for way hotter and younger Scarlett Johansson. But that is no excuse to go off the deep end and allow stylists, hairdressers and makeup artists to make you look hideous. Take back control of your life, Cam! There are always more pop stars where JT came from.

Angelina accessorized with the svelte, sexy Brad, but Nicolette Sheridan has Michael Bolton as a boyfriend, and needed a dress that would match her date's personality (pure cheese). She unwisely chose this Jessica McClintock Prom Collection gown (just kidding, I actually don't know who made it). It looks like it's starched, it's so stiff, while horizontal black bands around her waist and knees make her look wider than she really is. The retro fishtail skirt, with thick black tulle peeping out, looks like something Ursula the Sea Witch would wear to her wedding.

It's not a good sign when you're a 20-something up and coming actress and Helen Mirren shows up in a dress that's younger and more modern than yours. Becki Newton does a wonderful job playing the snotty and superficial Amanda on Ugly Betty, and perhaps she chose this gown as a relief from all the sexy outfits she's used to wearing on the show. Unfortunately, it ages her, is completely boring (though I give her props for using color) and does nothing for her figure. And the tight, matronly bun certainly doesn't help matters.

It pains me to put Kate Winslet on a worst dressed list, and the outfit isn't a travesty, but because I've come to expect so much more from her, I have to be harsh. The color of this Azzarro column dress is all wrong for Kate's milky complexion, and it washes her out and makes her look pinkish. If she had long dark brown hair, it might have worked a little better, but paired with limp, shoulder length blonde curls (along with an inch of dark roots and some very dark eyebrows, I might add), the coloring was terrible. The strapless column shape of the dress did nothing for her curvy figure, leaving her breasts looking small and a little droopy and thickening her thin waist.

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Annie said...

We are pretty much in agreement...
BUT, I did not like Penelope Cruz's "My friend Karl Lagerfeld made this for me..." dress. She's so little, that I think she chooses oversized hair and gowns to compensate, and she ends up looking a bit costume-y.
I loved Sheryl Crow as well...
I also hated Nicollette Sheridan, but Heidi Klum was a mess, and Jennifer Lopez seriously needs to get out of the 1960's goddess-Elizabeth Taylor thing with that Marchesa gown and hair extension...Ugh! Over it!

Meg said...

Annie, I can see where you're coming from with the Penelope Cruz dress, and yes, her comment about Karl Lagerfeld was just tacky.

I really couldn't decided where I stood on JLo... you're right that she's stuck in this 60's, wanna-be Liz Taylor stage, but it also looks mostly pretty on her, so I'm conflicted.

mister JJ said...

clearly katherine heigl was by far the best dressed. and courtney cox was on fire. dont lunch on my boo like that. but really...penelope looked liked shizz..and beyonce looked like a whore...but it would've been best dressed at the grammys