Sunday, January 28, 2007

Gym Clothes I'd Wear If I Weren't So Lazy

I'm a pretty dedicated gym-goer; I find that when I make excuses and avoid going I end up sleeping and eating worse, and I just don't feel as good overall. I'm a hard worker, but when it comes to what I wear to the gym, I'm as lazy as they come. I always wear an old, oversized cotton t-shirt and a pair of mesh shorts from my high school swimming days. With my hair thrown up in a messy bun and my face makeup-free, you can imagine my confusion when I see other women at the gym with cute matching outfits and perfectly made up faces. Don't they get flushed and sweaty after a hard workout and realize the futility of trying to look presentable while also burning calories? And who's there to impress at the gym anyway?

But lately I've been reconsidering my position on workout clothes. I still totally oppose the sports bra and short shorts look (too flashy and distracting), but I've been coveting some super cute capris, tanks and jackets that I've seen around the gym. I'm certainly not going to sacrifice comfort, but maybe it would be nice not to look like such a bum at the gym. I would even feel more comfortable going straight from the gym to run errands or grab dinner. So I did a little searching and found that there are a lot of options for girls who want to be comfortable and covered but still look stylish and chic at the gym. And many of these pieces are versatile enough to wear with other casual outfits.

And no matter what you wear, make sure you have the support you need with the right sports bra. Here's a great guide to check out.

For a blast from the past, you can read one of my earliest posts about gym etiquette.


The Beauty Maven said...

I can totally relate. I go to the gym several times a week and the standard workout fare is usually just old leggings and a t-shirt (footwear and bra are always in tip-top shape though). Not long ago I just found some cool things from Danskin and Champion at Target. It's great because I don't mind getting all sweaty in inexpensive workout gear. Hopefully I'll expand my wardrobe in the future to encompass more of these "pretty" things that all the posh girls sport. :)

Meg said...

Hey beauty maven! Target is a great place to find workout gear, I buy all my sports bras and shorts there, and I'm planning on picking up a few more things there this weekend.

Thanks for the comment!