Monday, January 22, 2007

H&M Spring and Summer Collection 2007

Are the 50's, 60's and 70's back? According to H&M they are. Kathryn at The Budget Fashionista posted that H&M had released pictures of their 2007 Spring and Summer Collection. And I couldn't wait to check out the goods.

There are a lot of retro styles I love, especially the feminine shapes of the 50's and the proportions of 60's Mod dresses and coats. The 70's and 80's.... not really my cup of tea. And there is a lot of 70's in this collection... I'm talking Polyester leisure suit/pajama combinations, like this one.

And high waisted jeans, like this:

That zipper has to be 6 inches long! I had finally convinced my Mom to get rid of all of her high waisted granny pants, and you're telling me they're back in style? Ugh.

And I don't have words to describe this catastrophe in pink... is that fabric faux suede?

But there are some very cute pieces in the collection as well, like this coat:

H&M must realize that this piece is going to be popular, because it's definitely pricey by discount store standards. I'm not sure how good it would look on (do you need to be in that pose, wearing no skirt or pants for it to look so cute?), but I'll be looking for it.

Love the proportions here, and pairing with a modern pump is so fresh and pretty. But it's a tough look to pull off for anyone with wide hips. Another one I'll have to try for myself.

Yet again with the high waisted shorts! From the waist up, this look is great. I love an ultra-feminine cardigan paired with a basic tee and shorts or jeans, so simple and chic.

Like every H&M collection, this one has a few duds and a few stunners. I'll be interested to see what else they offer in stores (hopefully fewer tunics, faux-suede and polyester). You can check out the rest of the pieces in the collection at the H&M website. As with all discount stores, the key is making it to the store close to the release date so that all the good stuff hasn't been picked over.

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