Monday, February 19, 2007

My Girl Crush: Helen Mirren

My family likes to joke that at 20, I'm already an old woman. I complain that the sound at movie theaters is too loud, I try to be in bed by 12 every night (never pulled an all-nighter in 3 years of college) and my favorite way to relax is to listen to NPR's This American Life and work on a 1000 piece puzzle on the living room table. Lame? Perhaps, but I'm very happy with my life.

These old person tendencies of mine might explain why I've been so enamored with actress Helen Mirren lately. As I said before, I thought that she was the best dressed woman at the Golden Globes. She looked stunning, fresh and sexy, for a woman of any age. I don't want to look as good as her in 40 years, I want to look as good as her now.

I love that she hasn't had any work done as has aged naturally and beautifully, while so many others her age let their insecurity shine through their expression-less faces, over-plumped lips and body parts that have miraculously defied the effects of age and gravity. But what's best about her is that while she may have wrinkles and a less than perfect body, she still thinks (or rather, knows) she's hot. She isn't afraid to wear plunging necklines or even appear nude on screen (if you haven't seen it, you have to rent Calendar Girls; it's a great female bonding movie, especially with your mom) but she also willing to look unbelievably dowdy in others, without fear that she'll be deemed a less attractive actress.

She's totally owned every interview I've ever seen with her, coming off as witty, thoughtful and intelligent. She says things like, "All you have to do is to look like crap on film and everyone thinks you're a brilliant actress. Actually, all you've done is look like crap." And of course, she's very talented.... you don't get tapped as the go-to actress for every Hollywood movie involving a queen unless you can act. In 2003 she was even given the title of Dame Commander of the British Empire, and I can't think of many things cooler than that.

Here's to you, Helen, and good luck at the Oscars (not that you'll need it this year).

One final note: I'll have extensive coverage of the 2007 Oscars best and worst dressed, which I'll post before midnight on Oscars night, February 25th. Be sure to check back for my picks and pans.

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