Monday, January 01, 2007

Post-Holiday Thank You Cards

Now that you've recovered from your holiday festivities, it's time to start thanking everyone who did something nice for you during the season, from gift-giving to party throwing. Before you begin, make a list of every party you attended and gift you received, then write down the names of who gave/did what. Remember to thank them specifically for what they gave/did, and try to add a personalized note to each person. If you can, try to mail out all the letters by the end of the week. While an e-mailed thank you is acceptable in our digital age, a handwritten card will go a long way to show someone how much you appreciate them and what they did for you.

If you don't have a cute set of thank you cards, now is the perfect time to pick one up, online or from your local stationary store. Here are a few of my favorite cards that are sure to impress with beautiful designs and high quality paper:


lisa said...

Happy New Year Meg, all the best for 2007!

Meg said...

Thank you Lisa, same to you! And that goes for all my other readers as well... I forgot to do a "Happy 2007" post this morning, but I'm at least saying it now! Hope you all have a happy, healthy new year!

Annie said...

I love your choices for thank-you cards - lovely! One of my newest favorites for cards is Yellow Bird Greetings - they combine vintage images and letterpress.
In my family, my Mom's rule was "it's not really your gift until you write the thank-you note!" I think that's a good rule to live by - especially as an adult! I don't know what's happening these days that people are so surprised when traditional social graces are used - they are really touched, and never forget the gesture.

Meg said...

Hi Annie! My own mom taught me a similar rule, and following it has certainly paid off. I checked out Yellow Bird Greetings (, they've got great stuff! I'll definitely remember them next time my card supply goes low. Thanks for the suggestion!

Rebecca said...

Those cards are all lovely! And the advice is timely, as well.

Happy New Year, Meg. Keep up the great blogging! (BTW, I am at now. Thank you in advance for updating your blogroll.)