Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs, Part I

I really must say, I found so many great pieces this week that I've decided to split my Best of Blogs for this week into two parts.

First off, new blog Fashionista features Karl Lagerfeld in M&M form. He definitely has the hair and gloves, but with that waistline, I don't think he'll be fitting into many Hedi Slimane suits. And in other Chanel news, they also have a cool post on how to make your own Black Satin nail polish. Try it out before black nails go out of style!

Product Girl reviews Lush's new "Sexy Peel" citrus soap and I'm dying to try it for myself. What's more refreshing than a burst of citrus in your morning shower?

Beauty Snob shares her personal horror story with lash extensions. Just another "too good to be true" beauty fad to add to the pile.

Hate scratchy tags on the back of shirts? The fabulous Budget Fashionista mentions a great product for preventing the dreaded tag itch that comes with so many inexpensive shirts. Check it out here.

I don't know how I never came across her before, but The Bargain Queen is one of my newest must-check blogs. She had a great post on avoiding the most common shopping mistakes during the January sale season and how to determine whether something is worth buying.

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