Saturday, January 27, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs, Part II

So many great links this week! Here are some other choice pieces from fashion blog world.

By now, everyone's heard about Proenza Schouler's collection for Target, but did you know that you can pre-order the clothes before they hit stores? She's A Betty gives all the details here.

Back In Skinny Jeans writes about a new ad campaign by Nicoderm that attempts to motivate people to quit smoking (and buy Nicoderm patches) for the sake of preventing premature aging (as opposed to, you know, cancer). You can read Christina's full analysis here.

Marcy at Fantabulous gives us the lowdown on makeup expiration dates. Really helpful, but also guilt-inducing (a good 40% of my lipstick collection is from high school, probably should do something about that).

Shop Happy
features a swoon-worth array of colorful shoes for spring. The red and blue ballet flats are my favorite.

New York Times blog The Lede reports that Spain has decided to standardize all women's clothing sizes. I'm praying for this trend to spread to the U.S.; can you imagine how easy online shopping would be if you knew that every 8 fit the same?

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