Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Wednesday's Best of Blogs

If you haven't tried any products by The Savannah Bee company, you've got to stop by Bath and Body Works and try them out. I'm in love with their Clementine Body Wash, and Beauty Maven has a great review of their lip balm (the product that made them famous) and the Royal Jelly Body Butter here.

Everyone's guilty of occasionally overplucking, or falling victim to an overenthusiastic waxer, but Beauty Snob has a quick fix to help you get through it until your brows grow back: Paula Dorf's 2+1 Eyebrow Wax.

The fabulous Annie at Blogdorf Goodman reviews the newest Bond No. 9 fragrance, Bryant Park just in time for NY fashion week.

Bangles are big this season, and Shop Happy finds a great selection of bangles of all prices and styles.

Shu Uemera is always one step ahead of the trends, creating products (like the famous eyelash curler) that become instant cult classics. The Makeup Girl has the inside scoop on his new line of lipsticks, which promise to be just as good.

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