Friday, January 12, 2007

Weekly Best Dressed Award- Jessica Biel

For a girl best known for being fired from the family-friendly "7th Heaven" after scandalously posing topless for a D-list men's magazine, Jessica Biel dresses with far more modesty, grace and style than most of her starlet counterparts. While other actresses her age are photographed getting plastered, making out with a different guy each week or forgetting their undies, Jessica is only photographed working out, which she apparently does for hours every day. Her hard work paid off though, and despite having limited acting talents, she's become quite famous for her rock hard body, which landed her on the top of Esquire's Sexiest Woman Alive list for 2005.

While I normally hate any talentless, brainless girl who's only famous for a hot body, I have to give Jessica Biel credit for at least handling herself in a very classy way (when she's not posing for magazines, of course). She's one of the best dressed women in Hollywood (in my opinion), and I thought this outfit was a great example of her personal style:

I'm not 100% sure whether she's wearing a dress or a skirt and top, but this is a look that flatters her body while remaining professional and polished. She's mostly covered, with only her arms and calves exposed, but the gathered knot at the waist gives the outfit it's shape and adds visual interest to what is otherwise a fairly boring top and skirt. The high neckline is a stylish way to draw attention away from a large bust and the long top (ending a couple of inches below her hips) minimizes the width of her hips and creates a long, leaner line. The knee-length pencil skirt is also a great way to make legs look longer and hides any problem areas on thighs.

She smartly keeps her accessories to a minimum, with no jewelry and a simple pair of white pumps. The shoes are key, as they keep the outfit young and hip, as a little flash of white is very fresh looking. These shoes would look great with jeans or paired with dark tights for a more dramatic look.

Biel wore this outfit to present the Golden Globe nominations, and she needed to look professional, but still Hollywood. I think an outfit like this is very versatile and would look great for any occasion that required professionalism but allowed some room for style. Of course, if you need to look more serious, simply switch the white shoes for a more traditional brown or black.

Kudos to Jessica Biel (or rather, her stylist) for choosing to look classy and sophisticated when her equally pretty and talentless peers slowly kill off their reputations through overexposure (both literally and figuratively).

Here are a few similar dresses:

And some equally cute shoes:

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