Friday, February 23, 2007

Leave The Crazy Celebs Off The Worst Dressed List

Last week I was talking with a friend about the Grammy fashions and the topic drifted to coked-out bag lady Imogen Heap.

"You were way too hard on Imogen Heap," he said, "she wasn't doing that to get attention, she dresses like that all the time. It's just how she IS."

I did a little research and realized that he was right- Imogen Heap looks like an escaped mental patient all the time. Imogen falls into that category of celebrities who make a concerted effort to never comply to regular standards of beauty, fashion and femininity. Celebs as varied as Bjork, Bai Ling, Cher and occasionally Gwen Stefani and Eva Green all follow this school of thought. They show up to red carpets wearing such wild and elaborate fashion concoctions that it's clear they weren't going for a traditionally beautiful look (pretty hair, makeup and dress) but were sidetracked by an overly creative stylist who thought that a dress constructed out of plastic trash bags would be "edgy" and "fashion-forward."

Naturally, this formula ensures consistent placement of worst dressed lists, and the question that arises is whether celebs with totally off the wall fashion tastes, who are making artistic statements as they walk the red carpet, deserve to be judged with the same standards that are used for those who do want to look normal and beautiful, but fail. After giving it some thought, I've decided that they shouldn't. Leave the crazy dressers in a category of their own, separate from best and worst dressed, and let the fashion commenters and comedians duke it out over who truly has the most outrageous outfit. Leave the worst dressed category to the ladies who didn't make a conscious effort to look bad.

One final thought- last week I brought up that I thought Imogen Heap was dressing the way she did for the sake of getting attention, which some readers disagreed with. Well, according to the Fug Girls, Imogen paraded up and down the red carpet for two whole hours, just to make sure that every photographer got a photo and every interviewer had a news-worthy interview clip. Her look might just be "who she is", but it sounds like she's milking it for all she can.


Emma said...

I'm a newbie lurker on this blog, but first I have to say well done! Highly entertaining and a welcome distraction from my studies :)

Secondly, I have to agree - just look at Helena Bonham-Carter. God bless her, she invariably looks as if she just fell out of a charity shop. Thing is, she *always* looks like that. As does Tim Burton... her husband.

They do say that husbands and wives take on traits of each other after a while...

the addict said...

I'm kinda loving Imogen's look here. She looks like a deranged Mary Poppins! Hey, if she's having fun, more power to her. If I went out in an outfit like that I would feel insecure and stupid within 30 seconds and try to find somewhere to hide. But Imogen's just soaking it all in. Confidence!

Meg said...

Emma- So glad you stopped lurking and decided to say hi! I totally forgot Helena Bonham-Carter, she's a great example of what I was talking about. She and Tim Burton are always good for a laugh. Anyway, I really appreciate the comment and the compliment! I'm glad I'm not the only one neglecting my studies in favor of reading about silly celebrities!

Ms. Beauty Addict Herself- So honored that you'd stop by and comment! When you said Mary Poppins, I definitely saw what you were referring to (and I'm a big fan of that movie, so if that's what Imogen was going for, I definitely appreciate the effort). And I agree with your point about confidence, the fact that she goes out there and rocks the look and doesn't care what anyone said is definitely admirable. If only we all felt so confident all the time!

Anonymous said...

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