Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Oscars Rundown, Part 2

In my over-caffeinated rush to finish my Oscars best and worst dressed list before the end of the show, I left out many details and observations, and decided to dedicate this post to the many things I forgot (or didn't have room) to mention yesterday.

Obviously, my list of best and worst dressed actresses was short, and a lot of people were left off. Penelope Cruz in particular has gotten a ton of attention, and someone commented yesterday to ask where she was on my list. To be honest, I didn't find Penelope's gown particularly special. Versace has done similar gowns for other A-listers and I've never been a fan of those huge feathery skirts. And it may just be me, but I thought the top looked incredibly tight and uncomfortable, and her hair would have looked better down (I thought the updo was a bit harsh). In conclusion: Penelope looked gorgeous, but she always looks gorgeous and I've seen her look better.

Kate Winslet is so beautiful, but for the second awards show in a row, I've been really disappointed with her hair and makeup. First, her hair color is all wrong for her skin tone, it's too brassy and warm against her cool features, and her brows are desperately in need of bleaching. Her makeup also did her no favors, and the goldish/pink eyeshadow just made the skin around her eyes look red and tired.

After her role in "Prada", Anne Hathaway should have worn something young and fashion forward (perhaps from an up-and-coming designer?), solidifying her status as a budding fashionista. If she didn't want to go that route, she could have picked a gown that screamed glamor (a la Katherine Heigl) and played up her beautiful features. Instead, she chose this hideous 80's lace wedding dress with a gigantic bow sewn onto the bust. The dress does nothing for her figure and it's not even pretty. So disappointing.

A few other comments on women's fashions:

Gwyneth's dress was lovely, but the color really clashed with her skin and (so boring) hair.

Helen Mirren has a great rack (you know you were thinking it too!).

Thank you Rinko Kikuchi for cleaning up and looking presentable this time.

I love that Abigail Breslin actually looks like a real kid, and not just a mini-adult. You could tell that she picked her dress out herself (it was a little girl's dream gown). I only hope that she isn't sexualized once she hits her teens.

Diane Keaton looks hotter than ever and I love her for it. As much as I admired her for her originality, I'm happy to see that she's finally ditched the "Annie Hall" style for good.

About the show:

As entertaining as the diva cage match, I mean duet, between Beyonce and Jennifer Hudson was, I have to say that my favorite musical performance was Will Ferrell, Jack Black and John C. Reilly's song about comedians never winning oscars. If you missed it, check it out on YouTube.

Watching the Oscars made me realize the ironic fact that great actors are often poor speakers, and I thought that Al Gore did the best job of announcing and then accepting awards. He was laid back, likable and self-depricating. I always knew he had it in him, but where was his sense of humor when he ran for president? So sad that it's only coming out now.

I thought Ellen did a good, but not great job. It seemed like her shtick was telling jokes she and everyone else knew weren't very funny and then laughing at herself for having such lame jokes. It's impossible not to like Ellen though, and at least she didn't try to make political cracks or insult people.

Am I the only one who's already over Jennifer Hudson? I still think it's great that she won, but she needs to lay low for a while (she's reaching the point of overexposure) and come out with another big project soon so that she isn't viewed as a one hit wonder.

Leaving aside the fact that the show dragged on until almost 12:30 AM, I thought it was one of the more entertaining Oscars of recent years, particularly because of the innovative presentations of awards (the sound effects and costumes were two awards I really enjoyed) and the over-zealous orchestra that was quick to cut off anyone who went over 45 seconds (sometimes it's awkward, but overall it's definitely a good thing). But after giving up 4 1/2 hours of my night, I'm pretty much Oscared out, and will be looking forward to the 10 months of downtime until awards season starts again next January.


Distar said...

hey blog sister!

thanks for the comment on my blog- I agree we seem to share many similar interests.

I totally agree with you on lackluster makeup at the Oscars. Cameron's dress was great, but the makeup was terrible. As was Kate Winslet, and Reese as well. The natural face is being taken too far imho!!

Anonymous said...

Where was Halle Berry? Does she even go to these things any more? She used to be the most smashing woman in attendance.