Thursday, February 15, 2007

Reader Question: Underwear

In one of the comments to my "The Case Against "Panties"" post last week, an anonymous reader asked for help finding underwear that fit three criteria:

1) eliminates VPL (visible panty line)
2) isn't a thong (nothing against thongs, I wear them, but want something different)
3) isn't low-rise. I'm fairly thin but I hate the idea of my little tummy hanging out over the top of a low-rise waistband.

After reading this, my first thought was, "this girl needs Spanx, stat!" But then I gave it a little more consideration and thought to myself, "Meg, you're like the Spanx evangelist; people are going to start to think you're getting paid for all this free advertising." (I'm not, I swear!) So I decided to look for underwear by other brands that fits the description the commenter is looking for.

I tried, dear readers, I really did. But when i found a pair that was seamless and mid-rise and the same price as Spanx, I couldn't justify recommending it when I knew that the Spanx version would make you look thinner and would last longer. What can I say? I'm a convert. I seriously think Spanx are the best thing to happen to women since, I don't know, the pill.

These Spanx Power Panties "have the comfort of underwear, the feel of hosiery and the power of a shaper- all in one." There is no possible way that you would have VPL in these, they'll keep your stomach, hips and thighs looking trim and they'll still fit under shorter skirts. In short, they're amazing.

I know these look a little granny-panty-ish, but since you asked for something that wasn't low rise, I though these would be a great choice. They're the closest thing Spanx makes to regular underwear.

I should mention that I've also had pretty good experiences with Nordstrom brand underwear, and the ladies in the lingerie department can point you to other brands that will meet your criteria. And if you don't want to go out and buy 10 new pairs of underwear, you can always just pick up a pair of the regular Spanx pantyhose, which will eliminate any VPL and come in a number of different "rises."

If anyone has any other suggestions of brands or styles that this reader might like, leave a comment below!


Linda said...

I agree completely with your comments about Spanx. I now wear them all the time. They are physically comfortable but by giving me the control I want, they make me feel mentally comfortable. My wardrobe has expanded dramatically thanks to Spanx. I can dress the way I have always wanted to. All of my skirts and dresses look good (enough)on me and I dont have to worry whether my hips, rear, thighs, or tummy make a piece of clothing impossible. The genius of Sara Blakely was to realize that women would be happy to enjoy the benefits of wearing a girdle if only someone would invent one that could be comfortably worn all day long. She's done it and I recommend Spanx to everyone (I mainly wear the Power Panties and the Higher Power). I have tried other "shapers" and while nearly all of them are effective, and some of them are reasonably comfortable, none of them do as good a job eliminating VPL as my Power Panties. However, it has to be admitted that for certain outfits for which VPL is not a big issue, some of these shapers are more powerful than Spanx. I have a genuine girdle from a company called Rago. It's called a Lacette and it is high-waisted. The control is astounding and I wear this with my evening gown, a couple of straight-skirted suits, and an occasional formal dress. I'm a new woman in this, and I wear it happily for the perfect figure it gives me, but I am always happy to get out of it at the end of the day or night. LOL. Spanx is the way to go, but for those occasions when you are willing to suffer a little bit for beauty, there are some stronger things out there.

Anonymous said...

I heard Jockeys make a line of undies that comes in different styles and doesn't have VPL.