Saturday, February 03, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs

The Beauty Snob raves about the NARS bronzing powder, and insists that it's the most natural-looking bronzer on the market. Apparently, it even looks good on us ghostly pale girls, so I'll have to check this out myself on my next Sephora trip.

Carol's Daughter is one of the most talked-about new beauty companies, and I'm dying to try some of their products. Christina at Bon Bons in the Bath reviews and recommends the "Lemon Ginger Mint Manicure In A Jar" (featuring three of my favorite scents), which you can check out here.

Kristen at Beauty Addict shares her love for spring's green and yellow eyeshadows, and shows how wearable and fresh-looking these colors can be.

Over at The Makeup Girl, Lianne reviews Stila's new plumping lip glaze, a plumping version of their beloved lip glaze that works without the stinging of other plumpers.

Ever wondered whether those teeth whiteners work? Elke von Freudenberg tries out the entire GoSMILE Complete Teeth Whitening System and has lots to rave about.

The Fug Girls are the most perceptive (and hilarious) celebrity writers out there, and their recent post on Vanessa Williams is one of my favorite.

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GirlPaint said...

Carol's Daughter is absolutely worth a try. Their hand and body butters are beyond comparison. And I also love their fragrances...Ecstacy being my favorite (great for layering with your stand-by fragrance). By the way, I love FGB so much that I added it as a 'Fab Feed' on the Official GirlPaint Toolbar. If you'd like to install the toolbar on your 'puter, just click on the link: