Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Urban Outfitters, It's Been Too Long

I have a love/hate relationship with Urban Outfitters. Like most people born in the 80's, I went through my Urban Outfitters phase (at the time they didn't have stores in malls, so my mom would have to drive me to the cool center of the universe, Ann Arbor). Let me tell you, it was not a pretty phase. I'm glad that Urban Outfitters has developed a more specific style than they used to, because I used to go in and pick up a ripped punk-inspired neon green skirt, a super-feminine black cotton eyelet top, a pair of surfer flip flops and a screenprinted tote bag and walk out convinced I had the world's chicest outfit.

Granted, this isn't Urban Outfitters's fault, it was my own confused 16 year old sense of style, but they really did offer sell just about everything in that store. I used to check out the tchochkes (a hot pink Jesus bobblehead? just what I need!) and try to act non-chalant as I browsed the dirty books section, pretending that I was seriously in the market for a "Position of the Day" calendar. I would dream about decorating my college dorm with the hippie tapestries and bonsai trees and imagine sitting on the giant pillows with my cool friends and hot boyfriend while we ate Ramen noodles and planned out which parties and concerts we'd hit that night.

As you can probably tell, I have a lot of memories linked to Urban Outfitters, because I associated it with my desperate desire to get out of high school and be a hip, worldly college student. Naturally, I also associate it with a lot of stupid logo t-shirts and horribly mismatched outfits, and neither of these things bring back particularly positive memories.

Urban Outfitters still sells a lot of stupid things that appeal to the inner high schooler in everyone, but they've developed a more specific aesthetic for their women's fashions that I'd describe as laid back hipster chic. Some items are a little more earthy hippie while others are more edgy and urban, but you can see how the same person could wear everything. In browsing through their website a couple days ago, I came across a lot of cute items, but it was their dresses that really took me.

I love how this dress is modest but still so feminine, and the gathered detail at the neck is really pretty. I'd wear it with a wide brown leather belt around the waist (to give it more shape), but it's still cute on it's own.

This dress is so light and summery, and it comes in 4 different colors.

Laid back and comfy, you could wear this with a cami and a pair of wedges or throw it over a swim suit for a day at the beach.

This dress is great for the spring or fall, when you could layer it with a cardigan and matte tights for colder days or wear it on it's own when it's warming up.

I love the shape of this poplin trapeze dress when it's paired with a belt, it's a modern take on a retro look.

Such a great color combination (it comes in two other colors as well) and the waistbelt and tulip hem are very flattering.

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Anonymous said...

yeah... i just read some funny commentary about urban outfitters' design and how wore out it is.

there's still some stuff i like though.