Thursday, February 08, 2007

Victoria's Secret? Not All Her Clothes Are Tacky!

Victoria's Secret isn't known for their clothes; many people are unaware that VS even sells regular clothing (because they're mostly sold online or through their catalogs) and even those who have seen their offerings probably don't have a very high opinion of the company as a fashion retailer, usually for good reason. Although I own a couple of decent sweaters from there, the majority of the items in their clothing catalog defy any notion of style, quality or good taste, to the point of making me wonder whether any grown, self-respecting woman would dare to be seen in some of these outfits. Case in point:

It even comes in tie dye if you're interested!

So anyway, since I stopped buying bras and underwear there a few years ago when I realized that they were overpriced and poorly made, I'd forgotten that VS even sold clothes. But She's A Betty had a great post last Thursday that highlighted a few really nice pieces from their most recent collection, some of which are even work and grandparent appropriate! I poked around their website and was amazed to find a lot of really great things at reasonable prices. Here are a few of my favorites:

(This dress wouldn't be so flashy if you didn't have gigantic breasts)

Unfortunately Victoria's Secret isn't letting me link to each individual item, so you'll have to search for these items on your own, but the site is easy to navigate.

One final note: I love those little "May We Also Suggest" boxes that pop up on the screen at the bottom of each individual item's page where they suggest that you try the knee-high stretch polyurethane stiletto boot with your miniskirt... as Cher (from Clueless) would say, "As if!"

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Rebecca said...

The orange pea-coat looks to be very nicely cut. Hey, and a colored coat is a good idea, since we usually wear neutral pants, right?