Friday, March 16, 2007

Contest Entry #2, Shamima

I decided to post Shamima's contest entry because she's the kind of product junkie who tries all the brands and sticks with a product based on what works best, not how strongly she feels about the brand. And like many of the people who've sent in entries, she varies which products she uses based on how much she's willing to spend at the time.

She mentioned a number of products that I've added to my "must-try" list, like MAC's Microfine Refinisher, Diorshow mascara and Elizabeth Arden's Overnight Success Serum. And I always love finding someone else who also loves some of my favorite products, like MAC's Blot Powder, Clinique's Buttershine Lipstick and Shiseido's SPF 55 cream sunscreen.

What about you guys? Can anyone also recommend products she mentioned? And does anyone have suggestions for a non-drying facewash for someone with her skin type?

Shamima, 28 years old

Skin type/color: olive/medium-dark, used to be very acne prone but after I turned 25 it changed majorly. Now I am incredibly dry which is weird because I'm so used to heading straight to the normal-oily or combination range for skincare.

Hair type/color: wavy black hair. I've never dyed, highlighted, permed or done anything like that to it

Shower Routine:

Shampoo: I switch between Pantene, Joico, Neutrogena, and Redken. I've tried a ton of different ones, and I am of the your-hair-gets-used-to-it-and-it-stops-working school of thought, so I change the brand every time I finish a bottle. Once in a while I will also use a clarifying shampoo (I hate the smell but the Neutrogena one works great!). I actually don't shampoo my hair every single day though. I do it approximately every other day. In between I just rinse it with water and condition the ends. By the way, I've tried high end and other salon brand shampoos (Frederick Fekkai, Matrix Biolage etc) and thought they were not worth the $.
Conditioner: Again, I switch between Pantene, Joico, Neutrogena, and Redken. I try to use the same brand for my conditioner as I use for my shampoo because I figure they work better together. The most important thing is that I condition my hair every single time I wash it (even if I skip the shampoo)
Body Wash: I like to use a different every day! I have a slight addiction to shower gels! I have least thirty under my bathroom sink. In the summer I use citrusy, fruity scented ones, and in the winter I prefer vanilla or sweet, cosy-smelling ones. I am not a snob – I give a chance to every brand of shower gel from the generic drugstore kind to pricy Origins to mid range Bath and Body Works.
Body Scrub: I love Origin's ones, (especially the Spreadable Ginger and the Bali Paradise) but they're so expensive I rotate them with cheaper ones like Savanna Bee's honey sugar scrub or Shopper's Drug Mart Life brand vanilla-fig/mango papaya ones.
Face Wash: Right now, Shiseido the skincare cleansing foam, but I think it is too drying! I want to try something else as soon as I finish it.
Face Exfoliator: I exfoliate a couple of times a week in the shower (it makes it easy to rinse off) and I just finished a tube of MAC's microfine refinisher. I LOVE IT and already repurchased. It has tiny granules but it really does the job. My face is super smooth and soft afterwards. It seems like a home-based microdermabrasian treatment to me.
Face Mask: I use this on the days I exfoliate, and often take a bath instead of a shower when I do so. I adore my GM Collins Mask (for oily skin but it works wonders on my now dry-sensitive skin) leaving it soft, glowing and just looking really great.
Body Moisturizer: None because I don't need one after my scrubs! Seriously.

Morning routine:

Face Moisturizer: Biotherm Age Fitness 2. Love this stuff. It is gentle, doesn't make me break out, but really moisturizes my skin even with the harsh Canadian winter. I've gone through several jars, and my husband uses it too! The only thing I don't like is that it is in a jar (and thus, unhygienic)
Eye cream: Shiseido Beneficiance. You only need a tiny tiny tiny (did I say tiny?) bit for both your eyes and I just dab it on the brow bone and under my eyes and it works magic. It can be greasy if you use too much though.
Toner: I rarely use one, but I do have the Dove one which I like using when I feel like my face needs the extra step, especially after removing makeup.
Sunscreen: Shiseido SPF 55+ (the cream, not the lotion which I find too runny). I LOVE THIS and buy a fresh tube every year, even though it is pretty expensive. It doesn't break me out, and it doesn't feel yucky going on. I used to dread putting on other sunscreens because my skin felt suffocated under them - not this one! You do have to blend it in well though, because otherwise it adds this annoying whitish-tint to your skin!


Tinted Moisturizer: I actually surprisingly really love Covergirl's one, even though I have tired many others (including Laura Mercier). It gives sheer coverage, blends well into my skin tone and is a great price.
Powder: MAC Blot Powder, in Medium-Dark. This makes my skin look magnificent -- it just totally transforms it!
Eyeliner: Lately, I've been wearing Clinique egyptian. It is a stunning blackened green with shimmer. I also sometimes wear MAC blooz (a very sexy navy bright blue) or Laura Mercier brown copper kohl.
Mascara: Either Max Factor Lash Perfection for day, or Yves St Laurent Faux Cils/Diorshow for nights/parties
Blush: I am a blush-aholic. I love MAC's sheertone shimmer range and have at least a dozen NARS blushes. I also really like Milani blushes and L'oreal's true match line. I wear a different colour every night...but I rarely wear blush during the day.
Lip balm: La Roche Posay ceralip. My sister and my mom both bought one after trying mine. I am about to buy my second tube -- which I have never done before -- usually I always get a totally new brand for lip balm each time I need to buy one because as you might have guessed by now, I love trying new things -- but ceralip is that brilliant! It is very moisturizing, and it is actually a lip repair cream rather than a balm so it is a good base for lipstick/gloss once it sinks in. I find that it heals my lips too. But when I want colour and my lips are no longer battling winter, I use MAC's tinted lip conditioner in perfect plum.
Lipstick: Either Clinique Colour Surge Buttershine Lipstick in Pink Toffee/the breast cancer awareness one (it might be called Think Pink?) or MAC Sophisto (it is a luster formulation) all three of which seem moisturizing, and are sooo pretty in a "why, yes, my lips naturally are this rosy gorgeousness!"
Lipgloss: MAC Popmode lipglass/Prescriptives Rain gloss in Fig Splash/Chanel Spark glossimer/Revlon Superlustrous lipgloss in nude lustre are all staples. I am also a lipgloss junkie...I own way too many to count, so I do change it up a bit depending on my mood/outfit/rest of my makeup

Night Routine:

Makeup Remover: Either Lancome bifacils (if I've got money to burn) or Rimmel (excellent, especially for the price. It is gentle, I don't lose eyelashes, and it doesn't sting). For a very lazy night, I use those makeup remover wipes (whatever brand is on sale at the drugstore, though I prefer Olay, and I love MAC's wipes but not at that price.
Treatment: Elizabeth Arden overnight success serum (this smells great, has a marvelous texture, and I've been using it consistently for a year and have gotten tons of compliments on my skin!)
Moisturizer: Elizabeth Arden good night sleep cream (nice smell too, and it really sinks in!).
Prescription product: Dalacin T (for when I break out -- though that is getting rare as my skin dries out)


Lisa said...

I've got combination oily/extremely dry skin, and I've found that Aveeno's Positively Radiant cleanser is really gentle; it foams and cleanses really well without overdrying.

Anonymous said...

I also love Covergirl's tinted moisturized! I used to use the smoothers kind but I haven't seen it lately so I've been using the radiance kind with olay moisturizers and they seem to be about the same.

Dana said...

hey, the "thing" with oily and dry skin combo is ensuring you are 100% soap free... any foaming/liquid or bar cleanser that is labeled soap-free rather than one that has ?is it surfactants? anyway, the soap jobbies that break down the barrier betw oil and water and allow water to sweep away grease (think Dawn dishwashing detergeant commercials) will f* with your lipid barrier over time and cause surface dryness that becomes blocked pores, etc. Gross.

Churry said...

Do you use a special remover for the Shiseido SPF 55 sunscreen? I didn't buy the remover, but now I'm afraid to even use the sunscreen.