Sunday, March 25, 2007

Contest Entry #5: Andrew

My family always doubted that there was anyone in the world who owned or knew more about beauty products than me, but telling them about your entries has certainly taught them how wrong they were (and I've certainly learned just how much more there is to know, and how many products I have left to try). One thing we got to talking about was how my love of beauty products changed the habits of my family and friends, many of whom are using and enjoying products in ways they never have before.

For instance, for decades my mom never bought anything other than drugstore makeup and beauty products; she found the idea of spending $60 on an eye cream frivolous and vain, and was far too busy raising my sister and I to worry about how her makeup or hair looked on a daily basis. Since I've gotten older and introduced her to the joys of nicer products, she's totally changed. All it took was one trip to a Bobbi Brown counter to teach her how makeup can be transforming, easy and enjoyable all at once. Now that she takes better care of her skin and uses higher quality makeup (along with colors that flatter her), she looks younger than she did 10 years ago, and it's clear that she feels more confident about her appearance and is able to enjoy pampering herself in a way she never had before.

I wanted to know whether any of you have had similar experiences with people in your lives. Sure, your friends and family might roll their eyes every time they see you break out a beautiful compact or lug a backpack full of products to a weekend vacation (I swear, I don't know anyone who would ever do something like that!), but have you found that your influence has led them to change their behavior, possibly for the better?

My mom is a great example of that, but the person with the biggest shift in opinion on beauty products is my boyfriend. I'm sure a lot of you have similar stories of introducing products into the lives of your boyfriends, husbands, fathers, brothers and friends and I thought it might be fun to compare the beauty routines of these men.

I asked my boyfriend to write down his daily product routine, which I decided to use for today's post. I'm curious to hear how his routine stacks up to the guys you know (particularly significant others, who are the easiest to influence). Does anyone's significant other use almost as many products as they do? And was this all your influence or did you find him that way?

Andrew, 23 years old

Skin type/color: prone to dryness, pale

Hair type/color: short, wavy brown hair, sometimes prone to dandruff

Morning Routine:
Shampoo: Phyto Phytosylic Shampoo
Conditioner: Dove Moisturizing Conditioner for Dry or Damaged Hair (works great. I used to never use conditioner, but Meg told me that civilized people use conditioner. it definitely helps my hair)
Body Wash: V-Tonic Beauty Bar (also excellent. far better than the generic Dove bar I used to use)
Face Wash: Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (does the job well, and doesn't dry my skin a lot like stronger face washes)
Face Moisturizer: Olay Active Hydrating Cream (definitely feels a bit girly, but it works really well. one of the only moisturizers that has worked consistently for me)

Powder/Blush/Mascara/Lipstick: I'm a dude
Lip balm: Blistex Lip Medex (cheap and very effective)

Night Routine: I always make sure to wash my face and apply moisturizer

Makeup Remover: see above re: makeup

Prescription products: I have duac and retin-A, along with hydrocortisone for extreme dryness, but I almost never use them now that I consistently wash my face and moisturize.

Comments: This routine works really well for me. It's a little annoying to have to do twice a day, but it keeps me feeling clean, keeps my skin reasonably smooth, and honestly isn't too bad. The Phytosylic Shampoo is a bit expensive, but it lasts a while at least, and it is the only one I've found that works really well. All in all, I really like my current routine.

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Anonymous said...

He's better than average for a guy! I would recommend switching to a moisturizer with Jojaba in it, but that's about it.