Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Did She Or Didn't She?

I have a confession to make... I'm fascinated by celebrity plastic surgery. Through following various blogs that compare older and recent pictures of celebs, it's incredible to see how some of the most recognizable parts of celebs are "recent additions." Two of my favorite sites, Good Plastic Surgery and Awful Plastic Surgery, do a great job breaking down what procedures celebrities appear to have had (of course, all of this is speculation but it's undeniable that these stars look very different). For instance:

Jessica Simpson: rhinoplasty, eyelid work, lip injections (not shown in this picture, but which she's admitted to having), breast lift.

Angelina Jolie: cheek implants, rhinoplasty, lower lip reduction, upper lip injection.

Jennifer Lopez: two rhinoplasty surgeries, lip reduction, possible cheek implants.

Catherine Zeta Jones: She has a habit of suing anyone who suggests that she has had plastic surgery, so all I'll say is that she looks um, different.

Sarah Jessica Parker: Three rhinoplasty surgeries.

When you look at celebrities, you need to always look with a critical eye. If you're browsing a magazine photo spread, you can be sure there's photoshopping (just watch this Dove commercial for an idea of how dramatic these changes can be). If someone's walking a red carpet, don't forget how easy it is to insert silicone breast enhancers (also known as chicken cutlets) and butt padding and use slimming hosiery (corsets, shapewear, tights).

And of course that doesn't include what makeup can do to completely transform a person. Oprah has shown pictures of herself without makeup on her show (brave woman!) and this is a decent picture of what she looks like without it:

And when pictures of Eva Longoria not wearing makeup were revealed, people were shocked by how unrecognizable she was.

I think as women it's impossible not to compare and criticize our faces and bodies for not looking like the women we see in television and the movies. But once you realize just how many people have had work done (in addition to non-surgical procedures, which you can pretty safely assume nearly everyone in Hollywood has), it's easier to tell yourself that comparing yourself to models or actresses is pointless. Of course your breasts aren't as perky, round and even as Heidi Klum's... her's probably aren't even real! But I'll get to that tomorrow when I talk about how our idea about what "normal" breasts look like has evolved over the past 30 years due to the explosive rise of breast implant surgeries, so be sure to check back.


QM said...

Wow! I'm so pleased that Angelina has possibly had something done, because what a cruel, cruel god if she was 100% natural!

Gwen said...

So when they awed about how the most beautiful two people in the world (Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt) bred, I'd love to see two pre-surgery, no-make-up pictures of the two! =P

The pictures of Oprah and Eva without make-up reminded me that even in the before picture, they were wearing make-up for that glam shot. Which means they really do look quite normal underneath it all.

Anonymous said...

Celebrities can afford all the newest and most hi-tech enhancements, plus all the best people to help them with personal grooming and style. I wouldn't be surprised if all of them shown had work done. Their faces are in the media non-stop so it's in their interest to look optimal 24/7. Not only that, but their careers for the most part depend on how good they look all the time, so there's pressure too.

The Glitterati said...

Great post! I think we forget sometimes that it IS the celebrity's job to look good. That's like, 70% of their job description. If we took all the effort we put into our jobs (paying jobs, homemaking jobs, being full time students, etc) and devoted it to beauty, we'd look pretty hot too.

Maybe it's time we see celebs not as the unattainable ideal, but rather as people who are, yes, naturally talented, but who also work very hard and are very good at their job of looking amazing. When there's someone at work that we admire for their skills/abilities, do we get down on ourselves because "we'll never be that good"? I think not... more often, we respect them, are inspired by them, and perhaps take away ideas and tips on how to do our own jobs better.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure most have gotten breast implants, but I really don't think the cheek implants claim is real.

First of all, the smallest cheek implants people get on plastic surgery shows look super a la Jenna Jameson today. Unnaturally prominent.

Second of all, most the women relatives in my family have gotten pretty carved, prominent cheekbones (not Jenna Jameson status) that are natural. But if you look at their high school pictures, they had flat cheeks.

A lot of women naturally grow more prominent cheek bones as they age -- especially by the time they're 30. And I doubt my mother and all her sisters got cheek implants back in the 1980s and 70s.

Faces change with age. I'm not 30 yet, my my cheeks are definitely more prominent than they were in high school. And I'm pretty sure I haven't paid for them, either.

I like perusing the Before/After the Knife sites as much as the next person, but I definitely think the speculation's gotten out of control. Sure, the sites aren't CNN, but they're going to lose what credibility they've got left if they keep attaching on 2 or 3 imaginary procedures on every celebrity face.

Dude, I feel stupid for even commenting on this issue.

Nele Bronckaers said...

You should check Angelina Jolie's status again. You used a "real-life" photograph as a before and a photoshoot photo as an after. We all know that photos that appear in magazines are photoshopped. It's no secret, it just sells.
Moreover, her face has just changed a small bit: which is due to aging.
If you would compare a photograph of me while I was 18 and me now, you could say that I had plastic surgery as well. Which of course isn't. Surely during your early twenties you'll see some changes will be due: my breasts have grown and my cheekbones and jaws have a more mature and slimming look.
Another reminder: during puberty we all have facial fat! When you're at the age of 20 you use this puberal fat and get more defined cheekbones, for example. Do mind this!

By the way, since I grew up with my father who does plastic surgery for 50% of his time, I know a lot of this. I've assisted him on many lecturers and know a lot of plastic surgery. Moreover I am a photographer and a photoshop specialist. So I know how things work. If you aren't such a specialist you'd better be silent.