Friday, March 16, 2007

Friday Finds: Bright Shoes

I tend to wear a lot of dark colors (mainly black, I looovvvee black) but as the weather warms up I realize I need to add a little color to my wardrobe. I decided to hit the mall with my mom, who was also in need of some color therapy, when we stopped by Nordstom's shoe department, where this pretty pair caught my eye:

I love the bright yellow- it's a color I wouldn't normally wear (I'm so pale that yellow tends to make me look sickly) but it definitely works on a shoe, especially when paired with dark jeans or black tights. My mom loved them too, but was drawn to the dark red (which sadly isn't available online but you can find it in stores).

"It's the matching mother/daughter look you never let me try when you were a little girl!"

"Okay mom, whatever you say..."

Here are 9 other great pairs for under $100 that are sure to brighten any wardrobe.

Guess? "Talia" Sandal, $84.95
Gabrielle Rocha, "Ellie," $69.95

Steven by Steve Madden, "Knockout," $99.95

Seychelles, "And The Winner Is" Sandal, $74.95
Exchange by Charles David, "Marine," $93.95

Steve Madden, "Cutsie," $83.95
Guess, "Carrie," $93.95

Linea Paolo, "Penny" Pump, $99.95
Nina, "Fashion-LS," $82.95

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Hyperion said...

Omg Omg Omg Omg SHOES!!!!!
/Hyper wh000ps!! and gets bare footed giggling like a school girl..

The pair - hrrmmm - am sorta huffing a sort of "tolerating" hrmm at them but there just got grabbing me - flats never have - even with a slight insy whinsy heal lift like those..

Moving on - not for me babes..

Now were cooking - really like the Talia Sandal - and there just too cute in that colour scheme definitely Summer Evening Wear, Win Bar - The Ballet yada yada..

Liking your taste there LOTS!!

No, 3 - No No No - nearly fell of my chair when I saw those - you just cant - I wont let you - forbid you even!!

Ohh good ol stevie - yano he his really does bring out some really classical timeless NEW looks.

Loving those - the bow is to die for - love the sharp angled petals to the bow ;) very digital era!

Now the Seychelles Sandal is Nice - I can really see why you like it - fact is I do myself - but eyes are immediately drawn to the pair below them.. I'm trying not to look yet I promise I am.
Yes I love the Heal - and the front cross over design - there also very cute dont you agree? yes course you do there your winners hehe.

Wheeeee ADORE these next ones Hyper does.. Charles David - Marine - mmmm they're soo very London for me are those - I am adoring the boat shoe effect to the sides - reminds of the days when I used to wear "no nevermind" I didn't really wear such "things" - I was never male EVER!!

:( I'm flustered now!! Calming oneself... deep breaths!!

Ok moving swiftly on - RIGHT PAST the vulgarity of what is directly below those beautiful Charles Davids..
Look again at what you chosen and placed in the same lineup as those lovely shoes above...
I cant believe from the steve Madden - and they're FAR FROM "CUTSIE" - there detestable..

I'm turning green just looking at them - the flats semi healing ridge looks like something of a car boot sale - its just - /hyper shudders!

Moving onto the "Guess Carrie" I wont even try - although they're a nice heal - there also so very plane, I wouldn't say NO - but I know I could pick something more... you and I - me thinks you were rushing now Hun..
NEVER rush footwear - even at the glancing stage - or the blogging for a new meddling reader stage hehe ;)

OM Gosh - dont you just ADORE the next pair..
/Hyper sighsss content...
Linea Paolo's pump..
They're divine.. Just look at the whole shoe as a one - it's soo very elegant, the fronts are to die for - the heals are pure "yes darling I do have taste ad the legs for it to" and the heal/ankle surround and strap over the foot is all just luscious - and square fronts MMmmMMmm so very daring and yet soo very sexy!

There MY WINNERS right there Meg :)
I just adore the squared fronts - and the surround strapping is just bliss!! I defy anyones foot and legs to look un dignified and sexy in those - well less you just dont have the legs cause your just too big for them.
Just being honest girls! calm pls hehe
Yes My Winners - well done for having such divine taste as usually Meg :)

An finally another wonderful pair to finish off with..
Nina, "Fashion-LS..
There a bit, hrmm whats the word I'm looking for.. Royally if you follow - they make me think of the Queen - something the Queen would wear.. its that pleating that does it - but none the less - its a dignified shoe - and I certainly wouldn't say no :)

w00h000 well done you :D
New you wouldn't let me down - can always count on your taste Meg hun - even though it did "wobble" slightly a few times there.
You rescued yourself with superior taste in the end babes - your sexiness shines through :)

Thank you for that ;)

Hyper x0x

Jen - Shop Happy said...

YES, BRIGHT SHOES!!! I spotted a few of the same shoes and posted about them last week too!! I love them !!