Friday, March 09, 2007

Friday Finds: Cropped Jackets

Cropped jackets are perfect for those spring days when it's still cool enough to need a jacket, but you don't want to overwhelm the rest of your outfit. They're forgiving, easy to layer and flatter all body types. I think they look best paired with an extra-long t-shirt (so the jacket doesn't shorten your torso) and jeans, pants or a pencil skirt. Here are five great picks for under $50:

Forever 21 "Claire" Jacket, $34.80

Fred Flare "Debonair" Grey Mini Jacket, $50

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Quilted Motorcycle Jacket, $39.99

Forever 21 "Dolly" Jacket, $34.80

Isaac Mizrahi for Target Boucle Jacket, $39.99


daddylikeyblog said...

I'm so loving cropped jackets right now, and you have just inspired me to take a trip to Forever 21, a place I usually avoid like one of those pushy street preachers.

Catherine said...

LOVE the ones from Forever 21. I hope I see them at the locations nearest me...because stuff online and stuff in stores aren't always the same =D