Wednesday, March 07, 2007

The Purse That Does It All

You'll find me oohing and ahhing as much as the next girl over beautiful designer purses, but when it comes down to it, I'm all about practicality. I don't need a purse that'll look good with a suit or even with business casual because I'm still in that lovely phase of life where wearing pajamas to work (aka class) is socially acceptable (and remember, I'm at a women's college, so there's nobody for me to impress). I can respect those girls who look stylish and put together for my 8:30 am class on Mondays, but I definitely don't have it in me to actually put on makeup and heels to sit in a dark lecture hall for an hour and a half (let me tell you, it's a good day if I can stay awake the whole time).

When it comes to an everyday handbag, I need something that can hold all my books, notebooks, laptop and assorted junk that I feel compelled to take with me everywhere I go (breath mints, powder, hairbrush, bandaids, tampons, you know the drill). It can't be leather because it will inevitably get pen stains on it and get scuffed on the bottom. And perhaps most importantly, the handles must be long enough so I can carry it comfortably on my shoulder, even when I'm wearing a thick coat and the bag is stuffed, so my hands are always free. In the past I'd go through a few tote bags year, but even the cute canvas ones would show their wear and tear, and the seams would split from all the weight I carried.

But last Christmas my ever-thoughtful mom bought me a purse that met all my needs and picky specifications and is cute to boot.

It's called the Lotus, made by Overland Equipment, and it comes in two different sizes and many different colors (mine is brown with lavender stripes and it appears that they offer new colors every season). For someone who carries a nicer everyday bag, this is a great option for the gym, running errands or traveling, but I use it on a daily basis. It's made of nylon and has sturdy reinforced seams and zippers, extra pockets on the outside and inside and is water resistant. I've worn it for three straight months and it still looks brand new. And for $45, it's a great deal.


Hyperion said...

Euuwww behave you with the stereotypical way of thinking, there could be lots of gay women at your college all eager to dress and impress other ladies - not always about men and woman yano :)

Granted you're a straight woman - I can grab that from your comment - but just because someone goes to all 1 gender college - doesn't mean they automaticaly aren't wanting to impress other members of that sex..

Not everyone is boring and straight dontcha no hehe

Hyper x0x

Meg said...

Hi Hyperion- I never suggested that other people aren't trying to impress others, I just said that I wasn't, and Smith is a place where it's acceptable for anyone to dress any way they like, which is great.

Cheaper Than Therapy said...

Very cute bag. I am partial to my LL Bean canvas tote; it's lasted me for 2 years of law school (and trust me, I carry a LOT around!) I am convinced the bag is basically indestructible.

Hyperion said...

No No lol you misread me - I simply meant don't "assume" other folks will all be thinking along your lines of -got nobody to impress "sexy wise" today- Yeah?

I know you thought/think that for yourself; it just sounded like you were saying "anyone" who goes to your college would be thinking along similar lines to yourself, which is how your post reads.

But pfffffft less of this - and on with your reviews..

Me wants to read more about Footwear.. Go BIG on footwear for a week - Am just Bonkers of Shoes and Boots personally - dont know about anyone else hehe ;)

Yes In fact I'm going to request in your latest post that you do a spot on Footwear ;)

Hyperion x0x