Saturday, March 31, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs

Fashionista has the inside look on Target's latest designer collaboration, Libertine for Target. While these outfits aren't really my style, the clothes look cheap (which they are, but isn't the point of hiring famous designers to make them look expensive?) and the style (like the Proenza line) is too teenagey, and I have a hard time imagining a grown woman wearing most of these clothes.

A few weeks ago, Steve & Barry's released photos of their upcoming Sarah Jessica Parker-designed collection to a number of fashion blogs. The photos received a ton of negative reviews by readers and bloggers alike, and the company responded by threatening to sue bloggers who didn't remove the images from their sites. There are rumors that they're going to redesign the collection and release it later this year. Blogs: 1, Crappy Retailers: 0. Read the full story (minus pictures, unfortunately) here.

The Stylehive blog always features cool finds, but this week I'm pining for this ultra-cute Parisian Wallpaper travel bag that retails for only $24. It makes a great gift, not that I have a birthday coming up in 11 days or anything...

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my annoyance with Calvin Klein's marketing campaign for their new fragrance, CK IN2U. A lot of people brought up the valid point that a fragrance should be judged on it's scent and not it's marketing alone, so here's a great review from Now Smell This, my favorite fragrance site. In other IN2U news, Calvin Klein will be introducing the scent into the virtual world of Second Life later this year, making it the first cyber scent. This is possibly the absolute dumbest marketing ploy ever.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

I dunno, I might actually wear the t-shirt with the tree on it.

Corey Doyle said...

I agree with you about In2U. Not only is the concept rather silly the whole marketing ploy is god awful. What the heck is the point of releasing it in Second Life? Do that many people go there? I went once, hated it, and never went back. I am betting the Sims people just laughed at them when they approached them first.

I'm mean!

PS: I moved my blog over to blogspot. Very interesting over here!

Jodi said...

Ah! Thank you for posting this. I saw a girl with one of the Parisian Wallpaper Travel Bags at the airport last week, but couldn't catch her to ask where she got it. I've been lusting and looking for it since (with no luck, obviously)!

I can't believe it's only $24 - it definitely looks much more expensive in person!

I hope you get it for your birthday! :)

Meg said...

Corey- Welcome to blogger! I'm really happy with the host, and if you have any questions, feel free to send me an e-mail. And yeah, Second Life is huge- there are over 5 million registered accounts. It doesn't appeal at all to me, but I can understand why a lot of people are drawn to it.

Jodi- That's such a weird coincidence! I'm glad to hear it looks high end... I love a bargain but too often I buy things online and they end up looking as cheap as they are, never a good thing. Great post on your blog yesterday, by the way!