Saturday, April 07, 2007

Contest Entry #10: Toya

Although the contest winner has been announced, there were a few final entries that I thought had some great suggestions. Today's featured entry comes from Toya, blogger behind The Life of a Ladybug and product aficionado. In addition to writing about beauty products, Toya is a makeup artist, so she really knows her makeup (just check out how gorgeous her makeup looks in this picture!) I love that she mixes and matches so many different shades depending on her mood and outfit, and any girl who recognizes the power of a great blush is to be trusted when it comes to makeup.

Toya, 28

Skin type/color
: My skin is mostly oily, but I have some dry patches on my nose and the tip of my chin. The color is a medium golden brown, if you ask me, but feel free to look at the picture and make your own determination.

Hair type/color
: Lots of unrelaxed dark brown hair, with chunky blonde highlights (the color has grown out some since that picture). It is very dry and tends to frizziness and breakage, so I'm gentle with it and am very particular about what products I use.

Morning routine

Face wash
: Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin. I love that this product is so inexpensive and widely available - it is the best cleanser I have ever used for my skin, gentle enough to not cause overdryness or irritation, but works well enough to remove make-up, dirt and oil.

: Neutrogena Alcohol-Free Toner. I'm very serious about not using alcohol on my face. Though my skin is oily, using harsh products like alcohol don't help, they just exacerbate the problem, since they make my skin so dry that it goes into oil-production overdrive. I only use toner after I've worn lots of make-up for if my skin is feeling particularly oily.

Serums and whatnot
: i.d. BareVitamins Skin Rever-Upper. I only started using this because it came in the BareEscentuals Get Started Kit that I bought. But now I'm glad I started using it. My skin feels very smooth after use and it works well enough to add a touch of moisture to my oily skin without causing it to grease up.

: On days when I don't use BareMinerals, I moisturize with Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture SPF 15. I also use a touch of Paula's Choice Skin Balancing Moisture Gel on the dry patches on my nose and chin.

Body moisturizer
: Lately, I've mostly been using Boots Body Butter in Olive and Honey (or something like that). It goes on very smooth and has a light, pleasant scent that doesn't interfere with my perfume. When I need more moisturization and/or am not in the mood for perfume, I use Carol's Daughter Body Butter in either Jamaican Punch or Almond Cookie.

: I have a few different powders/foundations that I use, but it's mostly powder foundations during the day, since I want to cut down on oil. Recently, I've mostly been using BareMinerals Powder Foundation in Medium Tan. I am also a fan of MAC Studio Fix in NC45 and L'Oreal True Match Powder Foundation in Warm 7/8. In the winter, when I need a bit more moisturization, I use the liquid equivalent of the MAC or L'Oreal foundations.

: On most days, I don't wear eyeshadow. (I know - it's scandalous for a make-up artist and beauty junkie to admit that!) I just don't have time in the morning when I'm getting ready for work and on the weekends, I'm usually running errands or in rehearsals/workshops at the dance studio, so there's no need. When I do wear eye make-up during a regular day, my favorites are MAC (especially the Veluxe Pearls) and NARS. I do like to wear eyeliner on most days, as it helps to "open" my eyes. I always use MAC Eye Kohl, particularly Teddy (my absolute favorite - a bronzy brown), Phone Number (charcoal gray) and Smolder (black).

Mascara: Recently, I've been using BADGal Lash, which gives darkness and length without leaving me looking like a raccoon. Maybelline Full 'n Soft is another fave for its naturally full look, without clumping.

Blush: I am a huge fan of blush and think everyone should wear it. My most minimal beauty routine is concealer, blush and tinted lip balm. I won't leave the house without blush - it does so much to make me look rosy, healthy, and awake. It's great stuff. My favorite blushes are: MAC Powder Blush in Fleur Power, Bobbi Brown Blush in Coral and Apricot, and Jane Iredale PurePressed Blush in Golden Apricot. As you can tell, my favorites are all peachy colors - that's what looks best and most natural on me because of my warm undertones. Besides these, though, I have bunches of others.

Shimmer powders/bronzers: I wear a bronzer on most days - I like the added bit of warmth. My favorites are MAC bronzer in Refined Golden, KLS' Kissable Cocoa and CARGO bronzer in Dark. CARGO BeachBlush in Coral Beach makes a great blush/bronzer combo. Sometimes I wear shimmer/luminizing powders. I like Laura Mercier Loose Shimmer Powder in Star Dust and MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Lightscapade.

: I am a lover of lipgloss. I think it's sexy to have moist lips and I love my naturally full lips and like to play them up. I wear lipgloss every day, unless I'm purposefully going for a 40s-inspired look (which isn't often, since I enjoy more natural make-up, mainly). MAC makes my favorite glosses, particularly Viva Glam VI, Viva Glam V, Pink Poodle, Prrr, Oyster Girl, Instant Gold, and Love Nectar. But I am also a fan of glosses by Kimora Lee Simmons (the Fabulosity Glossamers are to die for!), Bare Escentuals, Revlon, Tarte, and Milani, to name a few. Most of my lipsticks are from MAC, but I also like Bobbi Brown and Besame. All my lipliners are MAC (can you tell I'm a MAChead?), except for one by Vasanti, which is marvelous because of its smooth creaminess.

Night Routine

Shampoo/Conditioner: I wash my hair in the shower at night and only once a week. I don't use shampoo because it's drying to my hair. I cleanse with Suave Conditoner in Tropical Coconut, mostly and follow with leave-in conditioners and styling products by either Curls or Kinky Curly.

Make-up remover: I use Dove Cleansing Cloths when I've only used daily make-up, but if I've been onstage or out for the night and my make-up is heavier, I take off the first layer with unscented baby wipes, then follow with a cleansing cloth. I then use the same regime as I use for daytime, though I skip SPF.

Serums and whatnot
: I use Paula's Choice 2% Beta Hydroxy Gel and an eye cream I got from Walgreen's (Walgreen's brand - yeah, it's cheap, but it works).

Body moisturizer
: Same as day. I also usually put baby powder-scented Vaseline on my feet as a treatment.