Monday, April 02, 2007

Contest Entry #8: Corey

Today's routine comes from the lovely Corey, a product junkie turned new beauty blogger who's also a frequent commenter on the blog (I gotta admit, I am a little biased towards people who comment, I just love hearing what you guys think!). She's got a wedding coming up, and while she's got the skincare stuff down, I thought you guys might have some suggestions for concealers or powders, since she's not too happy with what she's currently using.

In fact, I could use some concealer help as well... I've been using MAC's Studio Finish concealer (great color, as I need something with a yellow base, but it really dries out my skin and looks bad within 6 hours of applying). I'm looking for something that won't break me out or dry me out, has a yellow base and will cover redness and undereye circles well. Any suggestions?

And finally, don't forget that Thursday (4/5) is the last day to enter the contest. I'll stop accepting entries on Thursday at midnight (U.S. East Coast time) so get 'em in before it's too late!

Corey, 28 years old

Skin type/color: Acne-prone combination skin, VERY fair.

Hair type/color: Thick, healthy, mostly straight (will frizz with humidity) and highlighted.

Morning Routine:

Shampoo/Conditioner: Switch between AG Hair Cosmetics Sterling Silver (helps keep my blonde super bright) and Paul Mitchell Super Skinny to keep my hair flat without a flat iron.
Body Wash: Sabon NYC Shower Oil in Ginger Orange. Keeps my skin clean, moist and the ginger lime is a fantastic wake-me-up scent.
Face Wash: Sabon NYC Seaweed Cleanser
Face Moisturizer/Sunscreen: Mary Kay Timewise Moisturizer with SPF and I always use Sabon NYC Eye Cream. It’s the best stuff!
Body Moisturizer: If I am wearing my favorite perfume (Japanese Cherry Blossom) I will use the coordinating Bath & Body Works Body Cream, otherwise I use LUSH Dream Cream if I’m going with another scent. I hate mixing scents! For my hands or quick pick-ups I like to use The Body Shop’s Hemp Hand Lotion. LOVE that stuff!

Toner: I tend to stay away from toner as it dries my skin out too much.

…finish it up with Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer


I am forever bouncing on this depending on mood, clothing and so forth.

Concealer: I just started using LORAC coverup and so far I’m content. Not in love though.
Powder: This is something that I bounce between about 4 to 5 (seriously) different brands on with the end result of most of the time not using any because I don’t have a love for one.

Foundation: Mary Kay #204. Just don’t tell the rep that sold me it. She thinks I’m allergic *cough*
Eyeliner: Rarely do I use an eyeliner, but when I do I tend to use Avon Duplicity in either brown or black depending on eyeshadow color. My eyes are on the small side and eyeliner tends to close them in more.
Eyeshadow: I tend to match my eyeshadow to my outfit, I am so picky about matching colors! Depending on the outfit I either use Clinique, Estee Lauder or some stuff I have left over from my Barbizon Modeling (if you call it that) days. Ha!

Blush: I’m one of the few that actually liked Smashbox’s O-Glow I use a teeny dab of it on the apples of my cheeks and finish it off with Cover Girl Peachy Keen Cheekers.
Mascara: Tattoo Lash by Mark or Comb Out by Mark depending on the look I’m going for. LOVE them and they were cheap!
Lipstick: Givenchy Pop Gloss in Hip Hop Red (new found love, it is THE perfect red!), Tarte Inside-Out Apple-a-Day Lip Gloss (amazing stuff, not sticky and almost a balm feeling to it) or a discontinued shade/lipstick that Revlon had in 2000 called Black Cherry. I bought 5 tubes of it when they discontinued it and I’m still hoarding it but I LOVE it. It’s the perfect wine color that mixes well or can be worn alone without looking vampy on ANYONE. I have many friends that have used and love the color. I rue the day that this shade is gone forever from my drawer!
Lipbalm: Ohio Valley Wild ‘Erb Lip Balm – I found this at a local faire and I looooove it. Thank god for their website because I lost it and my lips were just not the same. Great stuff – it also heals burns which is a great bonus since I’m accident prone.

Night Routine: Essentially the same as morning but I will typically take a bath and throw in a LUSH Bath Bomb. Do not need the Ginger Lime zing at night! I also will use LUSH Ocean Salt Scrub on the days I feel my skin got really cruddy on my face as a cleanser instead of the Seaweed Cleanser and I also will hit the oncoming zits with the ZENO. I’ve yet to decide if it is working or if I’m just getting better about my routine.

Makeup Remover: Clinique Eye Makeup Remover, Mary Kay Makeup Remover or Seaweed Cleanser which can be used as a makeup remover. Basically whichever one I latch onto in my line of vision first.

Prescription products: None.

Comments: This year’s New Years resolution was to take better care of my face. I’m getting married in August and do not want to be a spotty face bride! I don’t have a bad acne problem but I have those pesky few that make my face marred and not flawless so thus the resolution. I’m still getting into the swing of things and miss a lot of routines but I have noticed my skin looking ever so slightly better!


Kathryn said...

try Benefit "bluffing it" concealer and "bluff-dust" powder or "lemon aid" for eyes - yellow base and really good and lasting coverage

I have seriously dry skin and "inherited" DARK circles under my eyes and this is the best I have ever found

Meg said...

kathryn- I've heard great things about Benefit's concealers, especially lemon aid, but I haven't been to their counter in so long that I'd mostly forgotten about them. I'll have to stop by again, thanks for the suggestion!

Corey Doyle said...

Kathryn - thank you!!!!!! I'll give it a go!