Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Contest Entry #9, Erika

Most people assume that if you love beauty products, you spend hours a day "putting on your face." Ironically, some of the biggest product addicts I know have their daily beauty routines down to 30 minutes or less (we're talking shower, hair, makeup, the whole deal). Today's entry comes from Erika, the super sweet editor of The Makeup Bag, who has a fairly elaborate routine that amazingly only takes her 21 minutes. Lots of sites discuss beauty products, but The Makeup Bag always has the scoop on the latest releases from all the big beauty brands. It's a great read if you want to stay on top of the beauty news. Here's her daily routine:

I have about 4 shampoo/conditioner sets in my shower right now, but this morning I used Vavoom Bust Out Body shampoo & conditioner. This stuff works wonders on my fine hair. I used Shiseido New Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam to wash my face and then moisturized with Anthelios SX. I don't think I'll ever use another daytime moisturizer again. This doesn't smell or feel like sunscreen and it offers the most UVA/UVB protection of any product on the market. Love it!

I moisturized my body with MD Skincare Hydra Pure Firming Body Cream. I just started using this product recently and it is incredible. My skin has never felt more supple and moisturized (and I live in the desert!).

After moisturizing, I move to the guest bathroom where I keep all my makeup and hair products. This is where I spend most of my time getting ready each morning. Usually my husband sits with me and we'll have coffee together and talk while I put on makeup, but we just opened a new restaurant so he's been leaving the house at 5:30 each morning!

I've been on a tinted moisturizer kick lately, trying several different brands. So far my favorite is Estee Lauder DayWear Plus but this morning I'm wearing BECCA Sheer Colour Makeup SPF 20. This one is super sheer and moisturizing, but I find myself needing blotting paper by the time I get to the office at 8:00 am. (Good for days when my skin is feeling dry). I then used BECCA Fine Loose Finishing Powder and Clinique Fresh Bloom All Over Color in Peony for blush. Aside from lipgloss, blush is my favorite makeup item to mix up each morning. Another one I've been liking lately is Bobbi Brown Blush in Soft Pink. It looks uber-bright in the container, but gives me a great pop of color that looks totally natural.

I always fill in my brows with Benefit Brow Zings and use an eyeshadow base (which, today, happened to be Laura Mercier Eye Basics in Wheat). My eyes are the most boring part of my routine, as I rarely stray from my usual neutral-toned palette. I have tons of variations of the same colors. Lately, I've been using MAC Retrospeck all over my lid, and MAC Mothbrown in my crease and over my eyeliner (Bobbi Brown Longwear Gel Eyeliner). Mothbrown has to be the greatest color EVER created. I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out.

To finish things off, I used Shiseido mascara and Estee Lauder All-Day lipstick in Venetian Plum from their Heritage Collection.

For my hair, I always use a thickening serum/cream before blow drying with a big round brush to add volume. This morning I applied Biolage Bodifying Creme Gel. I used to love Big & Sexy hairspray, but my new favorite is Vavoom Freezing Spray. Keeps my hair from falling flat before noon (Ha!).

And there you have it. Twenty-one minutes from shower to 'ready'.

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Erika said...

Thanks for including me, Meg! (And just to clarify: It's 21 minutes from the time I step out of the shower until I'm ready to go.)

Take care :)