Friday, April 06, 2007

Contest Winner!

I want to thank everyone for entering the Daily Routine Contest. I received over 100 entries from all over the world and it was a lot of fun to read everyone's routines. I now have a list of at least 15 new products I'd like to try, and I hope everyone enjoyed reading the routines I posted (a few of the ones I received right before the deadline were also post-worthy, so I'm going to put up a couple of them over the weekend).

To select a winner, I asked a friend for a random number (49), and then chose the 49th entry I received. That entry belonged to Robin from Canada, and I hope she gets something great with her gift card.

I'll have another contest in the next couple of months (though I haven't yet decided what the prize will be). Thanks for all your great entries and suggestions!


Robin said...

Oh my God. I am so excited! I have never won something like this. And I need new mascara.

Wow. I hope I am the Robin from Canada you meant.

health watch center said...

Hi Meg,

A good blog for beauty care...thanks for sharing and congrats Robin...enjoy your gift card...well i am new to beauty blogging and wanted to say hi to you then start my beauty journey...

Health Watch Center.
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Anonymous said...

I was dissapointed to not see my entry posted. How did you deem some worth posting and not others?

Meg said...

Hi Anon- There were a number of factors I considered when I decided what to post, but my method was far from scientific. I tried to post a variety of different routines that I found interesting (people who only used a few products per day or who did not give detailed descriptions of the products weren't as interesting to read). I also wanted to represent a variety of brands (drugstore and higher end stuff) and skin types/colors/issues. I think it also depended on the mood I was in at the time, sometimes I just picked one without thinking too hard about it. Also, entries that were sent in the last couple of days of the contest weren't included because I didn't have time to write an intro to them.

I'm sorry that yours wasn't chosen for posting, I'm sure it was a good one, and I really did enjoy reading all of them. I'll have other contests in the future where people send something in, so hopefully next time yours will show up!