Thursday, April 26, 2007

New Feature: Ask Meg's Mom!

In last week's post "Sheer at School," I employed my Mom's services (in reality, she did the job without my asking) as Master Advice Giver to help me answer a reader question on whether a sheer or semi-sheer top is appropriate for work (specifically for a high school teacher). Mom was straight-up, no questions about it, 100% against the sheer at school idea, while I was kept open the possibility that certain sheer tops were modest enough to remain in the realm of appropriateness.

Turns out that most of you guys agreed with Mom (after listening to your arguments, I'm softening my stance), and an idea came to me... there are a lot of questions that my Mom could probably answer better than me (not the fashion or beauty or pop culture stuff, but the things that require a little more age and experience). Why not create a regular feature where readers can send in questions for my Mom to answer? Jane Pratt got away with it when she ran her own magazine, so why can't I?

Me and Mom circa 1988

Here's how it would work: you e-mail me your questions. I'll talk them over with Mom and choose one every week or so that we both find interesting. She'll answer the question to the best of her abilities, I'll throw in my 2 cents (or based on the frequency of my disagreeing with her, it could be more like $1.50) and then you all can contribute your thoughts in the comments section.

Now you may be asking, "What qualifies your Mom for this? How is her advice better than my Mom's or anyone else's?"

Well, I can't promise that her advice will necessarily be better, but if I were to characterize my Mom's advice-giving capabilities, I'd describe her sympathetic and understanding but definitely not willing to sugarcoat or beat around the bush. There's no B.S. in her house, and she'll tell you exactly what she thinks (but in a very nice way, I promise). She's also taught me just about everything I know about relationships, dealing with people and etiquette, always has a clear head in tough situations, and has the life experience to back up any advice she gives.

Feel free to ask any question, whether or not it relates to a topic I cover on the blog. If we think it'll spark an interesting debate, we'll do our best to answer it and then open it up so other readers can contribute.

Sound good? Bring on the questions!


Jess said...

Dear Meg's Mom,

What's the best way to convince your husband/fiance/partner to pick up more of their clutter around the house? When "the Beau" comes home from work he tends to leave a trail of "man things" from the door to the laundry room. You know, shoes in the middle of the doorway, belt on the back of the chair, handful of change on the table... I'm not one of those passive-agressive types who wants to set the laundry hamper in the middle of the doorway. :-)

Emma said...

This post made me smile. Amongst my friends, from when we were about 16 right up til now, my mum is the designated "advice" mum. She will answer anything, from sex to money to clothing. If she thinks you're being a strumpet, she'll tell you, but she'll also say if you being hard done by. Plus she makes a mean cup of tea with biscuits :)

It's nice to see that someone else has the same relationship with their mum as I do (with mine... obviously!)

Kathryn said...

I've got one, and I have also posted it over on my own blog to see what kind of advice/opinions I get

thanks! (and GREAT idea)

Stephen Greenhalgh said...

Meg's Mom gives good advice--I can say that from first hand knowledge. Readers, avail yourself......

Meg's Dad

Jodi said...

Such a good idea, Meg!

And I agree - this post totally made me smile!

Anonymous said...

Dear MOM,
What do you do if you raised a daughter who looks down on and judges others, because of how they dress or what school they attend? Aren't you ashamed? I would be! If it were my child, I'd tell her to volunteer for one of those charities that tells poor women how to dress for job interviews. This blog is insulting and useless!