Sunday, April 22, 2007

Review: Flirt! Squeeze Me Lipgloss

When I saw this picture of Beyonce, my first thought was, "what could she possibly have done to make a makeup artist angry enough to do this to her face!?" My second thought was, "oh my god, she was Flirted." See, a few weeks ago I received a box of complimentary samples from Flirt! Cosmetics. Flirt! is currently promoting their new makeup collection, which was guest-designed by none other than Vanessa Minillo, famous for her terrible fashion sense, her job as part-time TRL host/part time men's magazine model and for being Nick Lachey's post-Jessica Simpson arm candy.

I had my doubts about any company that would want Ms. Minillo to be the public face of their products (was Fergie too expensive?), but I decided that in the name of blogging integrity, I would keep an open mind when trying their products. I was given samples of three of their new, Vanessa Minillo designed/inspired lipglosses, the Flirt! Squeeze Me Super Shiny Lipgloss, in Nectar Fizz, Mighty Aphrodite and Cherries Jubilee.

Each gloss comes in a 3-inch clear, squeezable tube with a twist cap, which I prefer over the hard plastic or glass tubes that require you to dig around with an applicator, always missing the last 10% of product that's stuck to the sides.

Then I applied the first tube, in Mighty Aphrodite to my lips. This color is similar to what Beyonce is wearing, meaning that it's an 80's neon pink that was probably last seen in a John Hughes movie. Vogue can tell you that the 80's are back, but a color so far removed from anything found in nature does not deserve to be deemed trendy. The color was quite opaque, and the texture felt more like applying wet oil paint to my lips, which combined with the atrocious color, made me look like I had been eating bright, Barbie-pink frosting all morning. Not a good look.

I decided to move on to the more natural colors, choosing Nectar Fizz, a peachy-brown pearlized gloss. This color was definitely better than Mighty Aphrodite, mainly because it was more translucent and natural looking. Nudes tend to look bad with my pale skin, but I can see this color working well on darker skinned women, or used layered over a light pink lipstick.

I've discussed my love for red lippies endless times, and I had high hopes for the final gloss I received, Cherries Jubilee, which is a blue-based brick red in the tube. Luckily, it was on the clearer side, and added a nice, natural-looking red shine to my lips. The undertones didn't really match my skin, but it was a good color that would flatter many other skin tones.

A final observation: the Flirt! glosses are scented (kind of a fruity, floral scent) and they have a chemical aftertaste that isn't pleasant, especially if you're like me and have a terrible lip-licking habit.

When it comes down to it, the Flirt! glosses are totally hit or miss. Mighty Aphrodite is one of the ugliest, least flattering lip colors I've ever seen, but the other two were pretty and wearable. Still, for around $10 you could get a far better product (with more consistently good colors, and more gloss in the tube) from MAC or Clinique.

Vanessa, don't quit your day job.


Jessica said...

I've never really tried the Flirt! lip glosses, but their eyeshadows are nice for the price. They have a soft texture and they colors are fairly concentrated but sheer. Their shimmery shadows are especially pretty - and only $10.

Flirt! is a sister company to the Estee Lauder brand. As most people know, Estee Lauder also owns M.A.C., and I think the Flirt! line created as a more afforable/widely available version of M.A.C. - the black packaging, the bold, sometimes strange colors, etc.

Kohl's Dept. Store is also home to two other product lines - American Beauty and.....the name for the other is failing me right now - but the American Beauty line looks quite similar to Clinique and the other is reminiscent of Origins.

I think it's admirable that the Estee Lauder company was trying to branch out and provide decent, affordable, "department store" cosmetics to the women of "Middle America" who want something more thanCoverGirl or Wet N' Wild from their local Wal-Mart.

This is not to say that I don't think that both CoverGirl and Wet N' Wild make some nice products - but we all know the rush we get when we walk into a Sephora or the Nordstrom beauty section and we see all the beautiful (expensive) makeup that's avaible to test before purchasing. I like the fact that the Estee Lauder company was trying to recreate that feeling for those who live too far from the city (and I can appreciate their efforts since I live in West Virginia and the closest Sephora/Bloomingdales/Nordstrom is 60-80 miles away!)

Toya said...

I totally agree with your assessment of the Flirt! glosses.

Beauty Bug said...

Great review Meg! And you're right - Beyonce looks like she lost a bet or something...just awful. I'm embarrassed for her.