Thursday, May 03, 2007

Ask Meg's Mom: Mother's Day Gifts

Last week, I announced that I've invited my mom to write a regular feature on the blog called "Ask Meg's Mom," whereby readers submit questions that my mom answers (I'll chip in of course), and everyone else is welcome to add their $0.02 in the comments. If you've got a question for her, send me an email, and I will relay the message. My mom is super excited about taking this on, so don't be shy!

Our first question comes from Sara, who writes:

Dear Meg's Mom,

I've had a rough year and my mom has been a huge source of support. To thank her for always being there for me, I wanted to do something special for her for Mother's Day, but unfortunately I'm on a pretty tight budget. Do you have any recommendations for Mother's Day gifts that will really show how much I appreciate her, without breaking the bank? Thanks!

Since it's Mom's column, I'm letting her pick the photos...

Mom writes:

Ah, the joys of Motherhood….There were the days when I could do no wrong in the eyes of my daughters. I was told I was the “Bestest Mother in the Whole World” and received pictures covered in glitter and a handful of fresh picked dandelions. And nothing could’ve been sweeter. Then there were the times when my daughters thought I was not only the “Worst Mother in the World” but never wanted to be seen in public with me. Mother’s Day gifts were purchased but perhaps out of obligation not a heartfelt sense of love and gratitude.

At this point in my life there is nothing I need materially. My favorite gifts were always the ones made by hand and given from the heart. I will always treasure the cards that took hours to decorate not minutes to buy. At this point in my life I think the best gift in the world for a mother would be time. Special time spent with her daughter. Time to do something together that only Mom would want to do. It wouldn’t have to cost a thing. A long walk in the park – uninterrupted time talking and sharing and really listening to what Mom thinks and feels. Working on a family photo album together – listening to her tell all those ‘remember when’ stories that you’ve heard a hundred times but never paid attention to. Helping her with a project that she never can seem to finish – no matter how boring it may be to you.

Because girls, when all is said and done, mothers won’t necessarily remember the expensive gifts that were given but I can assure you they won’t forget the special one on one times that were spent with their daughters. And when your mother is no longer in your life, believe me, you won’t be thinking of those gifts either but you will never forget the time you had.

My take:

As much as any mother would enjoy a gift certificate to the spa, or a big bouquet of flowers, I definitely agree with my mom that you don't need to spend a lot of money to show your mom how much you care. For mother's day this year, my sister and I were planning on inviting a few family members and friends over and cooking a big dinner for my mom (Dad promised he'd do the clean up). Trust me, this isn't going to be a gourmet meal, but I think my mom will really enjoy getting to spend time with all of us without having to be responsible for entertaining people.

The goal of any gift you give, whether it's a physical present or just spending time with her, is showing your appreciation. But one great way to really get the point across is to actually tell her why you're so glad she's in your life and list the specific things you're thankful for. A nice card with a long message from the heart will mean more to her than any fancy gift, and it's an inexpensive and simple way to show you care. You can make a card yourself, but there are also some beautiful ones available at specialty stores. Here are a few great Mother's Day cards from Luxe Paperie.

Anyone else have suggestions for Sara?


Anonymous said...

The 1971 Yes album titled The Yes Album

Emma said...

Although we don't normally celebrate Mother's Day (my mum doesn't really believe in it), I try to go out of my way to do little things for her.

If I'm making her a cup of tea, I'll put it in a pot with a little plate of biscuits on the side.

If we have to go out somewhere, I'll drive and let her choose the music (trust me, that's a pretty big concession on my part!)

She gets to pick the film/tv show that we watch , instead of there being an almight argument over why "just because Hawaii 5-0 is a classic, doesn't mean we have to watch the re-runs *again*.

Whilst these things probably don't seem huge, it's the daft things that prevent it from becoming a "box of chocolates and garage-bought flowers" affair.

That said, I think I should probably do more of the above slightly more often... :)

Anonymous said...

Some of links on my blog list are food bloggers that are just sensational. One of the girls has a wonderful saffron muffin recipe up now (Gattina, Kitchen Unplugged) I'm planning to bring a homemade muffin decorative basket to Mom this year.

Anonymous said...

One year I had no money to spend so I decorated a glass vase and filled it up with little slips of paper folded up. On each piece of paper I wrote a message like I love your smile or a memory like "remember that vacation when we ate at all the Denny restaurants just to get a piece of banana cream pie?" I put enough in there for her to read one every day for a year.

Natalie said...

Great question! Fortunately I will be home for Mother's day, and I think I will try you dinner idea. Thanks!

blackjade said...

My sister and I are taking mom out for a hike/walk through some bearutiful redwood forests near where we live - and then to this little-known diner for some awesome milkshakes. My mom was so excited when I told her the plans.