Sunday, May 27, 2007


Most of the time, I despise memes. Especially those ones that are 100 questions long and ask all kinds of ridiculous, useless, boring questions like "Do you prefer Coke or Pepsi?," "When was your first kiss?," and "Which of the following sexually transmitted diseases have you contracted?" Okay, maybe not the last one, but at least questions like that would make it entertaining to read.

But for the first time I was tagged (and just me, not 60 people) for a meme that's brief, interesting and fairly informative, from the lovely Glitterati, who leaves great comments on this blog and runs her own blog called Brain Spam. Here are my answers to her meme:

1. What book is currently on your nightstand?

There are actually a few books sitting on my nightstand right now. I'm at my parents house on vacation and am so bored that I'm averaging about 3-4 books a week. In the last couple days I finished Irene Nemirovski's Suite Francaise which was amazing and unlike any book I've ever read, and Nicole Krauss's The History of Love: A Novel which was a good read but nothing spectacular. It was also eerily similar to Jonathan Safran Foer books (they're married, so maybe that explains something). I'm trying to decide whether to read Ruth Reichl's Tender at the Bone: Growing Up at the Table (I really loved her other two memoirs) or Michael Chabon's latest book, The Yiddish Policemen's Union, which the critics adored, next.

2. Who are your personal heroes or role models?

I don't really have any specific heroes or role models. But I especially admire women who've risen up the corporate ladder and paved the way for women like myself to be able to succeed professionally and still have personal/family lives.

3. How do you relieve stress?

I've said it before, but I love to browse the evening wear collections on the Saks, Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom websites when I'm feelings stressed. Looking at $3000 gowns and imaging where I could wear a dress like that and how I would feel gets my mind off of whatever's bothering me. Exercise, singing along to the radio and cooking also work well.

4. What music do you like?

I like all kinds of music, especially classic rock, 60's soul and country, but when I'm listening to my XM Radio, it's usually tuned to the 90's station. I think everyone loves the music they listened to as a kid and for me it's 90's pop, rock and alternative. One time I was driving and they played Hanson's "MmmBop," The Spice Girls' "Wannabe" and "The Macarena" in a row and I just about died from nostalgia overload.

5. What personal care product can't you live without?

My desert island product would probably be Cetaphil's Gentle Skin Cleanser, which is the most boring beauty product on the market, but also one of the best. I've gotten so many people hooked on it, and though I've had a few flings with more exotic face washes, I always go back to my old faithful. Runners up: Olay Total Effects 7x moisturizer, Paul Mitchell's Shampoo 2, MAC Blot Powder.

Okay, so I'm going to tag my girl Winona at Daddy Likey AND I'm going to tag all you readers (including lurkers!). I love hearing what other people are reading, listening to, loving, etc, so if you're so inclined, leave a comment and join the meme!


Emma said...

What book is currently on my nightstand?

- I'm always reading about three books at once, it just depends which one is closest to me at the time :) So, with that in mind, closest to me is Kathy Reichs' Fatal Voyage. Not exceptionally intellectual, but filled with mystery, gore and the lovely Tempe Brennan. If I was going to be intellectual, I'd have to pick The Oxford Introduction to Japanese Grammar :)

Who are your personal heroes or role models?

- My mum is waaaay up there on the hero stakes (as is my dad, but for different reasons). I can't think of any celebrities off the top of my head, but there are probably a few.

How do you relieve stress?

- I listen to far-too-loud music whilst dancing in front of the mirror ::blushes:: Or I shop. Or eat Ben and Jerry's chocolate fudge brownie ice cream.

What music do you like?

- Anything from Oasis to Aqua to Aerosmith to Daddy Yankee :)

What personal care product can’t you live without?

- Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream or the Clean and Clear skin range.


Emma said...

Lol - just thought of a celeb role model: Keith Richards. Yes, he's a walking chemical processing plant, but he's managed this far, can still beat out a bloody incredibly tune on a guitar and is always charming to women :)

knoxwhirled said...

Tender at the Bone is great

Annie said...

Trying desperately (and failing) to not be petulant and jealous about not being tagged officially, but it's true, Winona is much cooler than I am...

Current read is "The Devil in the White City" by Erik Larson. Just made a run to Green Apple Books and also picked up "Water for Elephants", "Death in Venice", and "The Life of Pi." I know everyone's read this last one, but I just learned that Jeunet is slated to direct the film which excites me tremendously, so I had to give in and read it...

Heroes & rolemodels... this is tough. I would say

Stress relief generally comes in the form of exercise - usually about 40 miles on the bike into Marin County, and/or a hot bath. I also adore couch-sitting with an old film.

I like all music. Truly. Favorites are Bossa Nova, cool jazz from the mid-century, pop, and punk. As I write this I'm ripping the Killers to my iTunes, soon to be followed by some Nina Simone.

My favorite personal care product would have to be NARS Hydrating Moisture Cream. It's light, absorbs quickly, and makes my skin feel like a baby's.

Annie said...

Don't you love it when you can't finish your thought? Apparently, I have no heroes...

JK... I would say my grandmothers, my father, Madeleine Vionnet, Auguste Rodin, Karen Blixen, Amelia Earhart, Elizabeth I, Princess Diana, Dr. Valerie Steele, Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald...and dare I say it, Martha Stewart.

Biby Cletus said...

Cool blog, i just randomly surfed in, but it sure was worth my time, will be back

Deep Regards from the other side of the Moon

Biby Cletus

kesia said...

first time i´m commenting, but i´ve been reading this blog for pretty long.
What book is currently on my nightstand?
- "William" by Richmal Crompton
- "Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban" by Joanne K. Rowling

Who are your personal role models?
- Kate Moss

How do you relieve stress?
- I tell myself it´s really not that important, even if it is :)

What music do you like?
- Anything, really. At the moment I really love listening to Delta Goodrem.

What personal care product can´t you live without?
- Does deodorant count? If yes, then be it deodorant (Rexona women biorhythm or ck in2u at the mo)

bye xox

Christina and Emily said...

1. What book is currently on your nightstand?

"Shadow of the Moon" by M.M. Kaye, my absolute favourite author! Historical romance, but plenty of historical and a reasonable amount of romance.

2. Who are your personal heroes or role models?

Ditto Meg, no one in particular, but I always admire women with high-powered careers. A friend of my mum's comes to mind who is a high level civil servant. I kind of want to be her.

3. How do you relieve stress?

I don't tend to get stressed, but if I do I like to make a list of things to do, or go running or do anything that makes me feel productive.

4. What music do you like?

I used to say "everything but country" but I've since discovered country can make you laugh and cry. So now I'd say "anything but metal or teen punk". I especially love techno, hip-hop and indie rock. Because I love to dance as much as I love to emote.

5. What personal care product can't you live without?

I'd have to agree with Cetaphil! But I feel like my skin would be glowing and tan on the desert island (why not?) so I'll go with my DiorShow mascara in case I run into any attractive natives. Or Jack from Lost.

Thanks Meg! That was fun. :)

-Emily (Lurker)

Anne said...

Forget the meme, read the Ruth Reichl book! Now, have you read Garlic and Sapphires? Because that one is less about her love life and more about her being the super-controversial food critic for the New York Times and having to disguise herself for every review because there is basically a bounty on her head for any waiter that spots her! It's so interesting!

Meg said...

Anne- Garlic and Sapphires was the first Ruth Reichl book that I read and it's now one of my favorites! I loved all the disguises she took on, and let's be honest, there are so few people who can really describe what it's like to experience an unbelievable meal like her... I couldn't stop myself from eating while I read it!

franki durbin said...

Boy this is a good one!


- Hooked (about pirates and patagonian toothfish aka Chilean Sea Bass)

- Rise of the Creative Class

- The Substance of Style (a MUST read for anyone with an interest in knowing how we got to this point in time where everyone shares a design opinion)

Role Models:

If I have one it is Sir Richard Branson. He's an unapologetic rule breaker. And a successful one at that.


I lift weights, kickbox, do power yoga, blog (yes, blog) and read style books and magazines to unwind. But I usually prefer to get out and meet new people to relax.


The list is enormous, but I love sounds from around the world. Good music from every genre. Although classic rock, bluegrass and 80s music are close to torture for me. Give me Bebel Gilberto, Albinoni, Jay-Z or Gotan Project any day.

Personal Care:

Tough one. My Clarins UV 40 Sunblock. I love it. But my real list would be all of my Philosophy skin care line. I'd hate to lose a single item.

Corey Doyle said...

1. What book is currently on my nightstand?

I'm currently in the middle of 3. Along the River Road by Mary Ann Sternberg (about Louisiana's River Road and plantations, a current almost fetish of mine). Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon and Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates (♥ Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, can't wait to see them together again in the movie based on this book!).

2. Who are your personal heroes or role models?

My father. :)

3. How do you relieve stress?

Take a bath with a LUSH bath bomb and read.

4. What music do you like?

As long as I can understand the words, I like it (pretty much everything but heavy metal, hardcore rap).

5. What personal care product can’t you live without?

Certain Dri. Holy crap that's the best find ever thanks to you!

kesia said...

@ FANKI DURBIN: yeah bebel gilberto is great. and i´ve thought of another role model of mine: the one and only KURT COBAIN

franQ said...

Hearing all this talk of the new Chabon release makes me a little sad…

A year ago, I would have been thrilled and no doubt attended his book signing. He’s been my favorite author since I first read his debut novel THE MYSTERIES OF PITTSBURGH back in the early 90s.

But I can no longer support the work of an author who has no regard for the story and characters that put him on the literary map.

In case you haven’t heard, there’s a film version of MOP coming out later this year… Written and directed by the guy who brought us DODGEBALL, in which he’s CHANGED 85% of Chabon’s original story.

And the sad part is… Michael Chabon himself APPROVED of the script! WHY would he do this? I can only think of one possible answer: $$

If you are a Chabon fan, esp MOP, I suggest you do NOT see this movie. You will be sadly disappointed at the COMPLETE removal of the gay character, Arthur Lecomte, and the fabrication of a romantic love triangle between Art Bechstein, Jane Bellwether, and a bi-sexual Cleveland Arning. And really, what is MOP without the presence of Phlox Lombardi? Alas, she’s barely in it.