Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday's Best of Blogs

In what's probably the best article I've read about Lindsay Lohan, The Fug Girls place odds on the the party queen's future.

I'm hitting up Target this weekend to find the fantastic $23 espadrilles that She's a Betty features in this post.

The Makeup Girl
raves about Tarte's Rise & Shine lip stain and pumper and recommends a universally flattering color.

Gala Darling has great advice for anyone looking to adopt a new skincare routine.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


Betty said...

Thanks for the shout-out! Hope the shoes work for you, too.

Anonymous said...

A Smith student produces THIS inane website...and it gets an article in the Hampshire Gazette, yet you have the nerve to criticize (obliquely, but we all know who you mean) UMass students as having "wide-sread drug use"? How pathetic, and typical, for yet another Smithie to trash the University, stereotyping it as a drug den! GET OVER YOURSELF and get the facts! Good breeding is not the only thing you're faking!

Your ideas on fashion are as outdated and ridiculous as if you stepped out of a 1970's Salvation Army bin. It will be a cold day on an Arctic beach before I take “beauty” advice from a fashion victim with buck teeth, squinty eyes and those ubiquitous (and SO five-years-go) rectangular glasses (every here of contacts?) and wrinkly clothes!

Your long, sloppy hair-do is a cross between early Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Farah Fawcett's do. What's the deal? Is it that you don't care that it's REALLY outdated or you're shooting for that hooker look, in hopes that Richard Gere will show up and rescue you?

And that outfit in the Gazette photo? The combination of turquoise and periwinkle purple looks cute on a FIVE-year-olds and clowns, but ridiculous on a twenty-something.

Not only that, but it's too tight and the one-button look (what made you think THAT was alright?) produces wrinkles worthy of a guest on “the Don'ts of Fashion”. If you're trying to recall the “sweater set” look, you need to read a few fashion magazines from the 1940's and '50's.

You ridicule Bermuda shorts. What for? They're comfortable and classic; Jackie Kennedy used to wear them on the beach. And who can forget the adorable Jennifer Grey in “Dirty Dancing?”

I have no quarrel with your wearing dresses; I prefer them too. They're cool in summer and hide many figure flaws, unlike jeans. But do you have to wear TURQUOISE dresses? Ugh.

Another blunder: your take on skinny jeans on men being a result of co-education at the "co-ed institution" you VISIT (why go there if it's so awful...because SMITH doesn't have the top-notch courses you want!) Can we say [cough!]: Elitist! I object, as an alumna (who never HAD to go Smith for first-rate courses!) AND as someone who has met plenty of sexually frustrated, female drug abusers in and around Smith! BY your "logic", that makes THEM responsible for your horrible fashion sense!

Seriously, your insulting remark about a whole University showed a truly infantile and ignorant prejudice. Maybe you SHOULD stick with those pink and turqoise colors after all!

I also know plenty of young people who LIKE the skinny pants look, which is far better than the Hip-hop baggy look! It's time men showed off their physiques, and they have a long legacy amongst the likes of Elvis Costello, Buddy Holly and Punk rockers everywhere. You are REALLY out of touch with current culture!

As for makeup: forget the designer labels, get help and for crying out loud: start by fixing those TEETH! The idea that you spend pages and pages on MINERAL MAKEUP, when you could be blogging to help fix the mess in which this country is sickening!